Avene’s Serenage – Day Cream for Anti-Aging

While in Rome—-or er, while in Paris, do as the French do.

Okay, I don’t know for sure if Avene’ is French or not, but eau thermale’ is a hint.

I was walking around the main floor of Mono Prix’ – which I don’t know French but seems like it might translate to One Prize and reminds me really of Macy’s with a Walmart mix of products tightly displayed in a small footprint.

They lead the beauty section with Rimmell, L’Oreal and Cover Girl – so you can figure where the price point is.

Wandering a little further in–I see another section which had brands like La-Roche and Avene’.  For years I have seen both products listed in magazine reviews-La Roche for its sunscreen and Avene’ for its sensitive skin products.

Luckily the salesgirl spoke English!  The full product line of Avene is pretty extensive and there was a lot to choose from so guidance was appreciated!  The price point is very reasonable – when I have researched it online it was the shipping to Hawaii that has made me hesitate to press the buy button.


I bought an anti-aging day cream that comes in a slender pump bottle-from using Clarins and Orlane’, somehow French products require less product for the same effect. In other words, that little pump of product should do the trick.

On clean skin, or over a pinch of Kiehl’s Power Line C, the product invisibly melts into the skin without fragrance.  I have found however, that it doesn’t quite give me enough moisture so, I like it, but I probably need to explore the riche’ formula.

Next time I’m in Paris that is…..