Calling Asian Complexions! Clinique’s CC Cream is a MATCH!!!!


I love the idea of a cream that does everything for you-like roll out of bed, slap on some BB CC AA cream and go!


Not true in my case.

Before I do that I put on serum, real sunscreen applied on my entire face, neck and décolleté, and I advise everyone who uses any kind of tinted moisturizer of multi-purpose cream to do the same in the sunscreen department.

Think about it, you put on your tinted whatever more sparingly than the quarter size helping of sunscreen you’re supposed to apply.  Do you put on  quarter size dollop of tint?

I DIGRESS as always to preach the sunscreen gospel.

Anyway, I don’t know about the US mainland and other places, but Clinique Hawaii counters offer 3 shades they claim are not offered allover.  They are special shades made for Japanese complexions who tend to be fair and a little less pink.

Even though I live in Hawaii, I tend to lean toward the fair side.  I’ve stayed out of the sun for the last 17 years and use sunscreen religiously even on overcast days.

So this new CC product-I got a sample and it matches my skintone perfectly!  Like the old Prescriptives ads, when it is applied it disappears into my skin.

What’s more, it has good coverage and for me, I apply it from the center around my nose and under my eyes.  It brightens my whole face – I don’t need to apply to my forehead, but I like a little coverage where I do have a few freckles.

Anyway-Clinique CC Cream in colors for Asians!

It’s a hit!





L’Oreal “Magic” BB Cream

Feels like sandpaper going on!

I got a sample that had been in October’s Allure and squished it around while it was still in the magazine.

You know, most samples in magazines are usually not enough to really try and feel the product, so if there isn’t more than a small squirt I don’t bother.

The interesting thing about L’Oreal’s BB Cream it is based on being a “skin beautifier” as opposed to having protective features – like sunscreen.

Instead their BB as 4 beautifying actions: priming, perfecting, hydrating and correcting.

I think in this case, the product is really foundation in disguise.  It offers no real benefit over wearing real foundation.

And it feels like sandpaper on my skin!


Moving Target

Yesterday I planned to go to Nordstrom’s, not so much for the event, but because I had some time, a rarity on a Sunday.

I should have taken it as a sign from the full parking lot that it might be crowded.

Yes, it was.

And then, one of the most irritating things in retail.

The counters had been moved around.  Kiehl’s had been moved from the center in front of the escalators, and had been replaced by Mario Bedescu, Erno Laslo, et al. You know, the lines that have a few specialty or cult products but are probably actually being given a last gasp before the store shows them the door.

And the counters were very crowded with people wanting to experience the event and the “new” offers.  I went by Bobbi Brown three times to sample her new BB cream-felt it on my hand, great texture.  At Clinique the rep had her hands full doing a makeover.

I finally found Kiehl’s which had been crowded onto half a counter.

This is my beef with Nordstrom’s they just don’t have enough reps at any given time.  You can roll a bowling ball through on some days, and even on a day projected to be busy weekend, there still aren’t enough reps.

Go to Macy’s and there are plenty of reps – but also a bunch of floaters – who can ring you up if you know what you want.  Or Neiman’s is usually staffed with someone who knows the line, but who are, like Sephora, driven by sales goals.  I get that it’s all about the sales, but consultative selling will when out over being pushed anyway.

I’m just not that easily convinced to buy a product just because someone says so. I guess that’s why buying color is challenging, unless if the rep actually gives a rip and is trying to get you the right color foundation, lip or eye selection.

Anyway-I like having things stay in the same place so I don’t have to wander around.

Don’t you?


Luxury BB or Fancy Tinted Moisturizer with Treatment?

I’ve been trying out different BB creams – just getting samples here and there-you know Estee Lauder, Clinique, Dr. Jart, Boscia, Sulwahsoo etc.  I’m wondering when Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier will jump on the bandwagon?  Long after mineral powder firmly placed Bare Escentuals as the category killer, Bobbi Brown brought out hers.  I tried but didn’t buy.  I bought Laura Mercier’s- but the product rep failed to tell me that the color gets pretty dark -so I gave it to my friend who tans.


Now I’m wondering when Laura M and Bobbi B will offer up a BB cream?  I mean, I really like the idea of a one size fits all products but the tint is usually off for Asian complexions, or I worry about spf protection and put on my beloved Clarins  spf40 on anyway.

Recently I was killing a few minutes in Macy’s and wandered by Lancome‘ (the Neiman’s Lancome counter is getting smaller and smaller-probably because the woman there is one of those counter snobs.

Off topic.

The floater at Macy’s came out and told me she didn’t know too much since she was just helping whoever at whatever counter.  That’s cool-it was refreshing to talk to someone who admitted they didn’t know much as opposed to the people who go right ahead and sell you something you don’t need in the wrong color.

Can I get a witness?

I sampled Lancome’s RÉNERGIE ÉCLAT MULTI-LIFT – I paste in the name here because why don’t they just call it Energizing Multi-Lift Color?  Kate Winslet is the spokesperson–watching her over the years from chubby heroine in Titanic to the woman she has become has been interesting.  About 2 years ago, she had a moment of astounding beauty, but I’m sorry she just looks hard-Lancome’ needs to rethink her.

So, Lancome does not call it a BB product, but has all the claims of being lifting, illuminating and “skincare”.  I have to admit it feels unbelievable on the skin, and the light tint actually looks perfect on me!  The formula over my regular regimen(Kiehl’s Rosa Artica, Philosophy’s Booster C and Clarins spf 40) wore great all day-with no need to rehydrate with a little dab of Laura Mercier’s Secret Finish.

Pretty fab for $75.

Pretty expensive for foundation-but I guess their pricing theory is they are not calling it a BB cream, they call it a “treatment”, and of course it has a French name so it’s priced it accordingly.

But, I’ve used Renergie’ and it’s a great moisturizer but I don’t really see any other treatment effects-but it is pretty nice. Even if I gave up my regimen, I would still have to put spf under.

Great product. Try it, you might like it.


Got Protection? Tinted Sunscreen

I’m always on the prowl for anything new in the way of sunscreen.  Living in Hawaii it’s a necessity with pretty much sunny weather 365 days a year.

A few weeks ago I was tooling around Nordstroms and picked up a sample of the Clarin’s spf 40 Tinted Moisturizer that is offered in light, medium and dark shades.

Love the texture- the tinted version uses the same as the original formula, which is a opaque white but dries clear with no chalky look.

There’s a few reservations I have for the product. As usual for most products that have the one size fits all approach of light, medium, dark-they don’t take into consideration all the different shades of complexion.  Which is ok, but if that’s all you’re wearing in terms of foundation-one size does not fit all.

The other thing I was thinking this morning as I did my morning routine, was if I use only the tinted moisturizer, would I be covering all areas on my face?  I put my foundation on with a very light hand, just a little pea of product which I rub with my fingertips and pat on.

A far cry from the recommended dime size dollop of sunscreen-and that’s really for those creamy thick formulas that you wear to the beach.

I use the regular formula Clarins spf40 as my daily face sunscreen and I draw out about an inch of product and using the same fingertip rub motion I pat that on, but all over.

So, if I was only using the tinted moisturizer I wouldn’t necessarily get it on my entire face.

So it makes sense to use both regular sunscreen, followed by the tinted version. But isn’t that double?

Yeah, but more is better when it comes to sunscreen.

And then there’s foundations and BB creams with spf.

In my opinion, same thing.  You really need to use regular sunscreen under, and put the color product on over.

I’ve done both for years, foundation and sunscreen- even if the foundation has spf15-but why is it so low?  Is it because higher spfs mess with the foundation formula?

Must be something like that, because I have tried all my sunscreens-Clarins, Trish McAvoy, Laura Mercier’s Primer w spf, Neutragena and my outdoor screen, Ocean Potion and none of them work well with the Laura Mercier’s new moisturizing foundation.

I put sunscreen on, let it dry, and everything I have tried so far, the new foundation “pills” and I end up smearing it off. Ick. Not my favorite thing since I disliked doing anything that pulls or tugs my skin.

I can only thing using a makeup sponge or brush would make the problem worse and more streaky weird.

In a few days, I’m going to Nordstorms event with the Laura Mercier national artist applying the makeup-so I will definitely ask, What’s up?

But as for sunscreen, apply, and repeat.


Overnight-The Away Kit

There comes a moment in a new relationship when one needs to think about what they would need for an overnight – or at least be prepared.  Men have it easy, they just fall out of bed and they pretty much look the same.

My routine is floss, brush, moisturizer super boosted with Philosophy Vitamin C powder, sunscreen, primer, foundation.  Eyebrows, shadow,liner, mascara.  Blush, lip and Makeup Forever HD Powder.

That’s a lot of stuff to carry around.  How to simplify?  Sometimes when I visit my folks in Maui, I get there and realize I forgot something fairly critical like cleanser.

Got the answer for that.  These nifty face wipes I got at the Face Shop.  Gentle, herbal and they take off makeup with no rubbing!  I don’t like those baby oil wipes-makes my face greasy and that’s one more step to tone.  These herbal wipes are one step, no oil, very freshening and only $2 for 20 wipes!

On any given day, I have so much stuff that I carry around that I got a locker at the gym because my shoulder was hurting from carrying my dance bag, my clothes and my makeup, hair stuff and whatever else. I think my makeup kit all by itself is 4-5 pounds.  I offloaded the hair stuff which would be the Kitoko Oil and Neuma cocktail ingredients, plus three types of lotion, one being Kiehl’s spf30 Body Lotion (smells like coconuts), Johnson&Johnson 24 Hour Moisture, and Bliss Lemon and Sage.

My back feels a lot better.

What can I get away with for an impromtpu overnight? I like to visualize processes and do a walk through so I can figure out what I need.  Will it fit in my purse?

Face wipes-makeup remover, moisturizer w spf, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, elastic for my hair. Maybe BB cream, mascara, eyebrow stuff, liner, rose balm.

Believe it or not, most of this stuff would fit in the bag I carry around.

There’s also a thought process into what I wear the night before that doesn’t make me walk the walk of shame!  Remember Carrie from Sex in the City walking home in her evening clothes at 7a in the morning when she runs into Miranda?

That’s another post.


BB–buhbuhbuh-Apply Sunscreen

I’ve tried two BB creams so far and sampled others at the counter.

If you haven’t heard what these are-BBs were developed first in Japan or Korea-they are duking it out for the claim of first.  BBs are a combination of moisturizer, sunscreen and treatment.  Great for people who don’t like to layer a bunch of product on and don’t have the time.

I tried Miracle Skin Transformer and I sort of liked it.  It has a bouncy silicon feeling base and has sunscreen, a little tint, acts as a primer and mattifier and vitamins K,A,E and Coenzyme 10.  Feels great on the face-it’s what I use to go to the gym instead of plain face(see Moving Makeup post).

I also tried the new in Neiman Marcus Sulwhasoo brand. It’s the top product in Korea and you’ll need to not mind the herbal, ginseng smell.  My friend at the counter told me all of the ladies who have used it for years have beautiful skin.  I got a sample of their BB cream in Light and applied it before ballet.   I think it wore pretty well, but at the time I didn’t realize it has spf50.  Being paranoid, I put my favorite Clarins sunscreen over the BB cream. 

My net opinion on it, was it felt a little chalky in texture in applying it as well as on the skin.  Very matte.  Probably would work great for ladies with oil or combination skin.  I have yet to try the skincare samples.

At the counter I felt the Estee Lauder and Clinique versions.  I’m sorry they just felt like tinted moisturizers but a little heavier and not smooth and creamy.

I’m waiting for more options-I like the idea-but at the end of the day or at the beginning, I think because there is a wide disparity in how much sunscreen you should apply, you should definitely use sunscreen with the BB products.