Sun Baked Skin Remedy


Hehe-actually that described my skin after baking in the LA sun this past week.

I came home exhausted from our 3 hour delay, took a shower and fell into bed.

The next day I did my regular routine of shower than lotion and sunscreen, but it didn’t quite do the trick-my skin still felt like a desert.

I used one of those Korean face masks this morning too.  I read about COQ10 recently and its lifting properties, you know the basic anti-aging stuff.  I put it on, and as usual left it on for probably an hour as I worked.

The mask did a great job-I feel like my skin looked brighter, definitely cleaner, and very moisturized.

Inspired with the results, I put together my typical sugar and honey scrub, knowing the housekeepers are coming tomorrow!

Not nearly the mess that the Ahava Dead Sea Mud made and effective results! What more could I hope for?

Putting on the same lotion as yesterday, my skin is smooth and moisturized and really really soft!



Getting Ready Faster and Faster


Lately, for those who follow my blog, there has been more and more lag time between posts.

It’s not because I have a lack of subjects. But just time is at a premium lately.

I used to sit by myself at the gym long after my friends had gotten ready and left for work.

Lately, I am flying out of there myself to run an errand or get a few things done before whatever commitments I have.  Part of that is I like to be driving when there is the least amount of traffic.

So, normally it will take me 35 minutes to get ready from start to finish including blow-drying my hair and nice make up.

Just shaving off 15 minutes is a major deal. That means I just dry my hair to get the dampness out, and do stuff like:

Use pencil eyeliner instead of gel or Laura Mercier‘s Tightliner which requires and extra step

Use a neutral powder eye shadow base instead of Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow primer which enriches the color

Use tinted moisturizer which is more forgiving then to use liquid foundation. ( I know powder or otherwise mineral foundation is really fast but the color usually grays up).

Line with Laura Mercier lip liner and follow with Rose balm instead of lipstick or gloss.

Use Bobbi Brown Tortoise collection shadow set instead of dabbing on Laura Mercier creme eye shadow

I do not cheat on some steps:

Treatment – apply a squirt of Kiehl’s Power Line Concentrate

Moisturizer- Kiehl’s Rosa Artica

Sunscreen – Clarin’s spf40 under anything else

Lashes- I’ve been using Grande Lash MD to grow my lashes and I believe I am seeing results after two weeks. Lately I just need a swish of mascara (back to Mac ZoomLash)

That’s pretty much it-somehow I’m still getting more on my face than what women’s magazine’s would consider 5 minute make up -but oh well.




BeTween the Lines

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I’ve noticed since it was pointed out to me – that there is a lot of eye liner that is applied above the lash line, leaving a funny looking line of skin between the lashes and eyeliner.

I know, real minor stuff, but it’s so noticeable!

I think as I get older and need reading glasses to do stuff more and more, I try to be more careful about getting my eyeliner line pushed into my lashes.

The way I do this with a pencil eyeliner is from the top, push the liner into the lashes as I draw.  On the bottom, or actually the interior of the upper eyelid, I take my pencil and draw and color in the spaces in between the lashes.

This way it leaves no question that there is no weird looking line-plus you have the added benefit of darker, thicker lashes.  On a hot day you might forgo mascara with this look.

I also learned to do this with Laura Mercier’s tight liner–using the same technique, take your loaded brush and push into the upper outer and upper inner lash lines to get a nice intense line.

Having that funky bare line is right up there with tangerine lipstick and overly pink cheeks – so aging!


Make Me Feel Brand New!

Hillary J has moved herself to a famous studio on Kapahulu Ave. In an abundance of caution I’m not mentioning the actual studio-but if you’re from Honolulu you’ll figure it out!

The cool thing about the salon is the outer space experience of a special hair dryer that to me, a non-hair professional, appears to shine light on the hair to process my gloss color.  The dryer is ionic, and has four paddle like attachments that the stylist moves around to concentrate the heat.  To use it as an actual dryer, then the paddles are moved closer to the head.

While there, I checked out Kevin Aucon’s book, About Makeup-he was so awesome! No one like him.

It’s a comfy place-and I think I will like it there. But of course, Hillary J of Winam Hair Studio is the real attraction for me.  She styled a client before me who had the most beautiful chin length cut-I only wish someday I will be so stylish that I can pull off short hair and tiger claw tats!  Anyway her client looked gorgeous!

As for me, I just went in for my gloss which over the last 4-5 months of getting gloss instead of ammonia color, has greatly improved the texture of my hair.  It’s still wavy but it’s not overly dry, frizzy and looking like I color.  Plus none of that weird band of color stain on my hairline.

My hair and I felt brand new! Neuf Coiffure!


Out with Old, IN with the New!

It’s that time of year and Honolulu Nordstroms is having their big beauty event!  I decided to try and beat the crowds and went today and get my makeup done by Laura Mercier’s national artist, “Mark”.

It was interesting because one artist prepped my face with skincare-all of the products felt really good on my skin.  A vitamin A and Vitamin C serum, followed by Repair Serum and topped off with Repair Cream.

Once that was set, the next step and next artist applied primer with radiance and tinted moisturizer. I wear less and less foundation as my skin gets better, so less is more.  The artist applied concealer and brightener. Both made a big difference and the technique was so different than what I learned from Bobbi Brown.  A  lot less product and only where needed–lightly brushing in the brightening powder in the crevices. The artist shared a trick to lift the eyelids by drawing fine strokes of concealer up and out at the corner lid.

Onto color with Mark.  It was pretty interesting because I already use Silk Creme foundation, blush, Audrey lip color et al.  Mark told me that the foundation is great for a night out but really I didn’t need that much coverage and that it was aging.  Same for my beloved Audrey color – lighter was better.

I wanted to learn Laura’s smokey eye look and there were three choices–smoky in the crease, smoky smudged eyeliner and smokey shadow.  I wanted to learn the liner technique.

So beautifully simple.  Using the creme shadow in gold-kind of a beige neutral, that was patted on and above the lid.  Followed by tightener in bluemarine-a midnight blue color–no wings, just the slightest uplift and pushed into my lashes. No liner on the bottom.

Then he took the Caviar stick in Smoke-applied with a smudge brush and smudged more to cover about have the lower part of the lid. Such a nice clean and for me an updated look!

A little bit of blush and brightening powder and I was done.

Very light hand – loved the look!

I’m a Laura devotee!


Sponge Worthy?

Hehe, anyone who watched Seinfeld remembers Elaine’s quandary, when the Today contraceptive sponge company announced that they were discontinuing the product, and she asked herself of her date, “Is he sponge worthy?”

With only a limited amount of anything worth having available, how do you spend your precious time, calories, last years of youth?


For someone who loves her naps, in the afternoon, in the morning, in the early evening, I know I’m not with the right person if they don’t understand that a nap at some point during the day is a necessity for me.

Since, I basically freelance, how I schedule my time is up to me, and I am fiercely protective on how I spend it.

Now, that the man-in-my-life is in the picture, I’ve jiggered my work schedule around so I can loll around Saturday doing nothing but enjoying his company, doing the together thing.


Today, we celebrate all of our mothers and many of us make a trek to a buffet table, saving up our calories by skipping breakfast and wearing something comfortable so we can take advantage of the table of plenty.

But my mom, like myself, at the end of the day, will mete out how calories are spent.  For example, my folks both went for the sushi and seafood table for the first round, while I got an omelette.  I’m not sure about my omelette chef, because I really think my egg concoction was more scrambled than smooth and beautifully folded in only that omelette way.

With each trip back to the tables, we asked each other how was the salmon, the scallop, the pork loin etc., with the measure being, “Is it worth the calories?” 

All three of us have a sweet-tooth, though I think my own has seriously backed off-I still have some peeps from easter in my pantry as well as some chocolate easter eggs.

When it came to the lilikoi cheesecake, which had a thin glaze of lilikoi syrup, regular cheesecake, and then lilikoi flavored cheesecake on the bottom, I declared it, “worth the calories”.  I didn’t eat the crust, that was deemed, unworthy.


So it comes down to the issue of spending the last year’s of my youth. How do I make that decision? After spending years in a relationship that I feel the only thing I gained was the wisdom to not stay in a dead end the next time, I ask myself, will he always be this nice to me? Will conversations always be full of laughter? Fun to be around? Will he be “there” for me?

I think I’m on the right track, but how do I know and when will I know?


You Make Me Feel Brand New! Happy Juice!

That’s a song isn’t it?

Stylistics circa 1970-s.

Yesterday I had a pause in the action and had my hair done as well as my toes and fingers.

I’m not big on doing mani-pedi’s but once in awhile is ok.  My fingernails are pretty cool au naturelle-so I usually try to keep them filed down.  Mostly, when I’ve been slacking off they grow super long, so by the time I have to put my nose to the grindstone they tap tap tap on the keyboard. Sometimes I get a little frustrated so I just whack them off down to nubs so I can type with lightening speed.

But when it comes to my hair….

For like the last week I’ve been saying to myself I should have booked a week earlier because my glossed hair was getting very long, very fast, and on the last few days I could really see the growth.

So, happily I saw Hillary J, the awesome stylist I found who introduced me to the virtues of using a gloss instead of color for roots (harsh). When I thought about it the other day, I recalled how much product I used to get put in my hair post shampoo and style.

I digress.

I asked Hillary, when was the last time I came? I was trying to think back and I know I had my hair glossed and cut since after I started seeing the blue-eyed man.

Hmmm. It’s been 5 weeks, and I got my hair cut after the first date.

My hair grew nearly an inch in a month!!!

Hillary said she sees this phenomena often when people are in new relationships and really happy.

Makes sense to me.

I’m in a new relationship.

I’m really (super) happy!

Thank goodness the hair is only growing on my head!


OOOOH! Pause to Refresh-Face Masks!

Happy Halloween in May!  I would scare you if I had posted a photo of me wearing the Korean face mask I just tried.  Here it is–looks like Jason from Friday the 13th, right?

The Face Shoppe has  great selection of these face masks that are very soft cloths that have been presoaked with different treatments for moisturizing, collagen building, soothing etc.  They also have gel masks which are similar but instead of cloth, the mask is infused into a jelly sort of material.

These are great for mornings after you had a bit of a late night, or before a big night out.

I highly recommend doing this in PRIVATE!  At the H-club, I have seen people walking around the locker room wearing these masks, and believe me they are scary when you come walking around the corner and you see one of these!!!

Yeah, this might be too scary for your significant person unless you are able to convince him or her to also join in.  I bet it would be a barrel of laughs in that context.


Other masks I love.

Orlane makes a beautiful moisturizing renewal mask–I use this one on mornings I need a little help and my skin feels like a desert.  A few years ago I went through a phase when it didn’t matter what I put on my skin, it would be dry.

Orlane Super Hydrating Masque

Orlane’s Bio-Mimic Hydrating Masque is not nearly as scary as the cloth masks, but is highly effective in super-hydrating you in 10-15 minutes.  This one kind of soaks in, so this is something you could wear around the new guy or gal and they’d never know you were secretly rejuvenating yourself!

Course, take advantage when Nieman’s or Nordstroms offers those free facials using their premium products!  Despira is the resident facialist at both stores in Honolulu – she is from Greece and has a cool accent that is strangely as soothing as her facials.

I’m not usually a big facial person, cuz I don’t like people doing something to my face what I wouldn’t do!

A veer off the path.

I went to a woman who had advertised an oxygen facial on Hawaii Hot Deals-she worked out of her home which is ok, a lot of small businesses do in Hawaii.  Went over, and she had a facial table set up near the window – me, sunscreen queen is wondering, oh great, UV exposure.

So I lay down and she holds up a mirror to my face, and says, this is your face lying down. I’m like, really, scare me?!


I close my eyes and relax.  The first part in most facials after cleansing whatever you have on, is steaming to open the pores.

I heard bubbling, not unusual, but I swear she was moving a little pot of water with one of those coffee water warmers!! I was too scared to open my eyes, because I know my reaction would be to jerk away!!!!!!!

I swear the oxygen machine she used was pretty low power–I had gotten a demo on my hand from a friend and there was light years difference in the ‘push’ power of the oxygen. I figured I would just deal with it instead of jumping off the table.

Finally get done with no sunscreen, because the antioxidant oils  A,C,E were applied though I am skeptical. I applied sunscreen in the bathroom.

When I come out, she gives me a cup of water which she says is ‘energized’.  WIth what? I ask. She pulls open her kitchen drawer and pulls out another ‘As Seen On Tv’ type gadgets and throws it back in the drawer.

I’m like, ewgh. Thanks, not thanks, GAG!

Ok, back to masks.

Another awesome mask for exfoliation is Dermologica’s Gentle Cream Exfoliant.  I do not believe in scrubbing my face with microbeads, apricot kernels, anything abrasive-! Dermologica’s product appeals to me because it exfoliates with hydroxy-acid – I know the acid part sounds scary, but it’s not.  Great results.  I had a possibility of a zit a couple of days ago and I applied this product, and it disappeared!

Another awesome product is Clarin’s Flash Balm.  Truly a game changing facesaver after a dehydrating night.  I read recently that some make up artists use it as primer-have to try that sometime.

I think those blue masks we used to use in 7th grade probably have a bunch of chemicals in them, and besides when you pull them off your face they are pulling your skin. Clarins has a product that you put on, and then kind of roll off in eraser like crumbs.  Your face feels amazing after, but again, why yank on your face like that?

Preserve, preserve,preserve.


They’re Laughing in Kentucky-Revive’

The HUGE disclaimer on this is, I absolutely love Revive’s products.

But I find it hilarious how they are marketed as a product that consumers might think is French with the spelling and pronunciation of the names like Sensitif’.

Their advertising agency in Kentucky is laughing their asses off – all the way to the bank.  After all, it’s all about the Benjamins.

I bet they sit around the office eating croissants from Costco, downed with French Vienna coffee from a can, all the while thinking up ways to elevate Revive’ products in the mind of the consumer.

Not quite at the price point of La Mer, Revive’ products sport names like Creme’ Lustre’, Volume Intensif, or Sensitif.  They have a new upper level brand called Peau, or Po, or Poh I don’t know.

Recently Nordstroms had Revive’ out for a visit. The Doc got the flu, but his #1 representative did the pitch.  With his snappy suit and UK accent, he properly applied the right air of élan’ and flourish to sampling the product.

It reminded me of a time I was in Jean-Marie Josselin’s Restaurant, A Pacific Cafe, and our waiter was going to great lengths with his French accent.  Turned out he was Jersey and an actor.

But Revive’ products really work and feel good.  I wonder if they would command their price point if they were Revive, Cream Luster, Or Volume Intensive.

Who knows?


Spending the Night-How to Look Ok in the Morning

Like I said before guys have it easy in this area. They pretty much fall out of bed in the morning the same way they looked the night before.  A few may have bedhead but pretty much no change.

I know it’s a double-standard, or maybe it’s just pressure I put on myself, but dating again after being in a long relationship is a little nerve-wracking.

What does he think, I look like this all the time? Does it matter to him?

My advice on looking half decent when you wake up is a little preparation.

Hydrate, meaning drink plenty of water.  Not to the point you have to go to the bathroom a bunch of times, but for every glass of wine you drink, drink a full glass of water (10-12 oz.)

Avoid hard liquor. You can’t possibly thinking downing those tequila shots all night are not going to have a bad effect on your looks the next morning or for the next years.

Don’t mix alcohol. You’ll probably get a headache and frown in your sleep.

Go for food that isn’t salty-avoid the bloat. Helps with puffiness under the eyes too.

TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP!  I found some awesome wipes that are’t greasy so they don’t require more cleansing.  They take it all off.

If you have long hair you might consider putting it in a one ponytail bun, or pony, or otherwise, kind of lay it out.  Believe it or not, it works so your hair isn’t all hema-jeng the next morning.  You know, how some people when they come to work in the morning and they tried to plaster their hair down.

Not having a lot of hair product in your hair helps in the above.  If you plastered your hair with hairspray and teased it…….you’ll look like Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd.

Moisturize your face. Floss your teeth.  Brush your teeth.

I can’t help the fact my feet are a disaster.  One of my dance friends said she is proud of her callused feet – she needs them to dance. Me too.  But have nice toenail color.

If you wear nail color, take it off if it is chipped.  Nothing is tackier in the morning. Think of horrible claws wrapped around a coffee cup.

(When I say snarky things like that, it’s when I am picturing the hair-sprayed, red-lipsticked mess, spider-mascared, “lady” in the client’s building).

In the morning, resist putting on your full face. Brush your teeth, moisturize and fluff up your hair.  Think radiant thoughts.

Stretch a little, gets the blood going.

Post-shower.  Light make up. Bring colors that are suitable for morning light, and use a light hand.  Moisturize your body and face with sunscreen.  My morning/day make up includes moisturizer, sunscreen, tinted sunscreen, rose balm, mascara, eye brow, and brown liner, neutral eye shadow.

Me, a little better.