I’m in Bliss-ex-Glow-sion, Triple Oxygen Moisture Cream

I wasn’t  too thrilled with Josie Maran’s new infinity oil.  It smelled nice and basically it was a solid form of her famous liquid oil products, designed for on the go moisturizing, dabbing on your stray hairs, as a lip gloss etc.

But, I think it was a little too much. Plus, when you squeezed it out, maybe it’s because Hawaii is a little more humid and warm, the product separated into solid and oil, so the oil would leak out first when you opened the tube.

So I took it back to Sephora who happily accepted the return with the receipt.

I’m always in search of moisture and even though picking up my gift w purchase bag at Neiman’s was only a few days away, and as part of the buy I bought Kiehl’s Rosa Artica, my mainstay, I was in love with the texture and how Bliss’ product felt on the back of my hand.  BLISS-484

I’m a sucker for new.


Hey, I don’t have kids to clothe, so I indulge.

In any case, I purchased the product that promises a youthful glow, applied morning and evening. Apply and massage in gently for 30 seconds.

The first overnight, my skin was not tight at all in the morning.  Usually it is crying out for moisture. I washed up and reapplied under my makeup for the day, and my skin stayed very moist throughout the day.

The product smells like oranges–and is fairly thick, but goes in quickly.

I love it!

Rosa Artica has new competition on the block!