Lash Me Update-Lancome Hypnose Super Duper Drama and LM LL Bleu

I like it big I like it fat I like it loooonnnngggg!!

No no nononononono-I’m talking about my lashes!

The life of an eyelash is 90 days, and since the first round of grande lash md to grow them really long, I’ve been lazy.

So, being the type that uses my mascara samples, of which I’ve gotten bored, I venture to the Lancome counter.  The very friendly person was at Ala Moana and is now at WW mall.  We go through all the types of Lancome – and I have had a sample of Hypnose but there are so many variations my head hurt.

So I end up picking the Hypnose Drama – it has a wavy brush that you maneuver to help lengthen and curl at the same time.

For whatever reason, I find myself on the other side of the island and at NM’s Laura Mercier counter.  I’ve been reading about blue mascara and how it brightens your eyes-so I’ve been looking around for a month or two.  I checked the drugstore shelves for a cheap suitor – but to no avail, in the land of dark hair color, I found mostly black, really black, and brownish black.

I knew Laura Mercier would have and yes she did.  I had a sample of Long Lashes in Black, so that’s where I started.  The rep put on the Bleu version of long lashes and the affect is very subtle, but definitely there.

When I use the two together – the Drama and the Long Lash Bleu-I really do think my eyes look brighter.

I only apply one coat of mascara of anything I put on – because I just don’t have the time.

I barely have time to curl my lashes, which I decided to do after having the squeezey curler from LM for months.

It’s a great effect. I need a little push and pull and lengthen.

I guess that’s a better way to put it.

So then.