Dr Glossy-Loma Organics

Readers of my blog know that I have had a love affair with Neuma organic shampoos and conditioners, smoothing creams + Kitoko oil.  Between the organic products and using glosses instead of ammonia-based hair color, I have given credit to using quality products for my hair’s awesome condition.

Many people do not realize that I have been coloring/glossing my hair for about 10 years now because I stuck with my natural color, once in awhile being talked into a small bit of highlights, which don’t suit me, so I abandon after one round (several times).

When I first started coloring I was using ammonia-based products (at the salon) and what I thought were good quality shampoos like S-Factor and Bedhead. Turns out only the Goldweil products, which are pricey, were the only ones that were not contributing to damaging my hair into a frizzy dry mess.

By the time I met Hillary J at Winam Studio, my hair was pretty crispy-which she coaxed back into condition by glossing. Add to that Lincoln Wang’s ever-changing selection at BOSS Beauty Supply on Nimitz.

Lincoln is always searching for the next great product to improve upon the last. On my last visit, I came in with freshly washed and dried hair-and since I’ve never been one to section my hair to dry, it was a bit “puffy”.

I was looking at the new “Loma” organic product line-and Lincoln suggested a squirt of their smoothing creme and tonic–adding from the back and bottom of my hair and working through the strands, ending up with the last bits of product for the front bangs.

Seriously, in seconds, my hair transformed from being puffy to being sleek and almost achieving the same look the stylist at the salon gives me.

I’m all about easy so I was in love at first sight with Loma.

Plus, the fragrance is pretty wonderful. I grew up in Japan when the erasers had a indescribable fruity-like scent, and the Loma products have the same lean.

Lincoln had/has a 3 pack of shampoo, conditioner and smoothing creme. I also purchased the tonic which is like a hair oil-not as thick as Neuma’s argan oil, but not as thin as Kitoko oil. (BOSS members receive a discount).

The Nourishing line is for “dry, thirsty and thrashed hair including chemically treated”, and the fragrance is actually cranberry and pear.

It also has “Creatine –35% more effective than any protein or keratin on the market at rebuilding the internal tensile strength of the hair especially color, foiled and bleached hair types. You can never overproteinize the hair when using Loma”275_loma_pic.

I tested the product’s moisturizing power too. The next time I had my hair colored, I skipped the moisturizing treatment so I could see just how well the products worked.

The results are impressive. My hair almost achieves its pre-color virginity.

In case you go shopping in Hawaii-Lincoln has moved to the opposite side of Nimitz business center–he has relocated next door to Eagle cafe and Sensually Yours.




Hair Where I Want It – Kitoko Age Prevent Scalp Tonic

As if there is no uncovered frontier.

Going on a year or more, the bf has been using Revivogen to coax his balding pate back.  Prior to that he was the man with an entire handful of hair goo to coax his “Jewfro” into submission.  When you pulled a curl out to its full glory – it reached well past his shoulders.  Everyday he would take almost 20 minutes to put a conditioner on to tame the frizzies, then a CUPPED handful of gel to wrap the curls into what I used to call a “bun” or maybe a nest of hair which was aka a curly mullet.


Fast forward, after using Revivogen’s natural herbal based alternative to Minoxidal and Rogaine, a regimen of treatment shampoo, conditioner and leave on serum, the fur is back on his crown, and narrowing the gap between the sides on the op of his heads.  I believe his pattern of baldness, without aid would eventually become the “Friar Tuck” style.

Back to moi.

So, Mom has been thinning on her crown for a number of years. But having come from the Japanese gene pool, thinning is like going from a thicket to a forest.  Nevertheless this is an ongoing concern which tho thinner it is not readily apparent, and if it was my own pattern on the back of my head, I wouldn’t even notice and would not do anything about it.

This is because, I never use a mirror to look at the back of my hair stylings.


Unless the hair stylist wants me to look.

Because I started to thin in the front of my scalp. it was hard to deny what was going on.  When I would stand under a bright light in front of a mirror, I could not deny that my hair was thinning.

I, of the long thick, horse hair locks.

The problem for me about using Revivogen, which is totally proven to me before my very eyes, is, the serum smells like sesame oil (to me).

It’s not a bad smell – it’s just a smell I don’t like.

Hunting for a b day present and needing a refill of Kitoko Hydro-Revive shampoo and conditioner from Lincoln Whang’s BOSS Beauty Supply, part of me was thinking of buying a set of Revivogen for myself.

Lincoln had mentioned Kitoko’s Age Prevent Scalp Tonic before, but knowing how rigid the bf is……

Well here’s the results of my using the product-basically using the applicator which has a thin tip to apply the product to the areas that is thinning (on clean, damp hair).

March 28 – Before


After, May 9


I’m really careful to avoid letting the product drip onto my forehead and I apply my foundation and skincare prior to doing the hair thing.  The last thing I need is more hair where I don’t want it!

Kitoko products are not easily found- I think when I started using them and searching for info on the internet, they didn’t have much of a web presence.

Even now, on their site, this product is not even on it.

Find it at Lincoln’s BOSS Beauty Supply in the Nimitiz Business Center – 2.5 fl oz is $24 for BOSS members.

Check out the rest of the selection of Kitoko, Neuma and Saphira products.

Your hair on your head will thank you.


The Fight Against Walmart Hair – Kitoko Nutri-Restore Line

I recently switched from PM Shine Gloss which was introduced to me by Hillary J of Winam Studio, to full fledged color.

It was a scary transition because my hair was a mess until I started using gloss.

And gloss plus good hair products kept my hair in great condition for a long time.

But product junky that I am…

Plus, the gloss wasn’t covering my grays as well – and since my grays are in the middle and side parts where everybody notices grow out–I needed a new option.

So far, the color totally works-and I am going a little lighter with the color but gradually.  The color is not applied to my whole head, just my roots plus 4 inches or so down the hair shaft.

I was speaking to a nice lady at BOSS supply, and we talked about how long having dark hair on an aging face and body, made sense and didn’t look odd.

That was a good point – because my gloss shade was pretty much my natural color-but as I approach double-nickels, I thought I’d lighten it up.

This was tried before with highlights and lighter gloss, but from my point of view I ended up looking like a calico with the grow out-black, red and white-calico right?


My fear of getting the horrible dried out frizzy looking hair you see in Walmart horror photos is being addressed with a new cocktail of Kitoko Nutri-Restore products.

I did not realize when I picked up the Cleanser and Balm from BOSS that the shampoo was sudless.  Kind of like those Wen products I guess.

I was expecting a huge lather-but it never appeared.  In fact, I added another squeeze of cleanser and still nothing.  Yet, I felt like my hair was being cleaned.

The balm was much thinner and pretty normal.

I figured I used the PH-Restore product first after towel-drying, followed by Neuma Tangle-Free with UV protection.

Add a dollop of my beloved Orange-Creamsicle-smelling Neuma Styling Cream-and ready for the blow dry plus Neusmooth Illuminating Mist.

I know it’s a lot – but three color treatments later-my hair is in spectaular shape.

I’m sorry I have to say – it’s as great as when I was in 7th grade and had hair down to my jeans pockets-shiny, smooth and no frizzies.

How I do miss those days when I just used Wella Balsam or Fabrege Organics or other $2 shampoo Mom bought me and out the door.


Pert Plus Revisited? Shampoo and Conditioner Together?

I think I was reading Elle or INstyle-just checking out the pages and saw this “tip”. Maybe it was More (old fart) magazine-yes, that makes more sense, because when you are getting older you have less time in general so you’d probably want to save some time during the grooming process.

The shower pressure at H club is unbelievably low.  Only 2 shower stalls have decent shower heads so I can rinse my Japanee thick wire hair in an expeditious manner.  The other showers are dismal. Once I mentioned it to my hair and she said, “rinse longer”.

Seriously, the last thing I want to do is stand in a shower at H club any longer than necessary.


The tip was to shampoo your roots and condition your ends at the same time.

Yes, you read that right.

Like the same as Pert Plus where you just shampooed and conditioned in one application and more importantly-one rinse cycle.

So I tried it one day. I think I was using Nexxus light moisture shampoo and Neuma conditioner on the ends.

Felt ok, but strange to be sudsy and moist at the same time.

My hair performed ok that day, though I wondered if my roots wanted a little conditioning.

So, yesterday at the trade show, I asked local hair expert Lincoln Wang of BOSS Beauty Supply-and he said-no, it didn’t make sense to combine the steps, because shampoo opens the cuticle, and conditioner closes it.

Sort of leaves your hair confused.

Life is confusing enough.

So, H club, please increase the shower pressure in the name of quick grooming and non-confused hair everywhere?!


WHOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHH! Izunami G6 Blowdryer Take Me Away!

I have seriously thick hair.


Wire-horse hair like strands.

And really thick – lots o hair on my head.

So, when we have really muggy thick like pea soup weather in the 808, drying my hair is a real chore in the no-a/c bathroom.

Even with the little pip-squeek fan-ain’t no thang! Can’t get my hair dry.

Frowns around!

I had a brand new blow drier-which is perfectly fine for finer haired sisters, but it just couldn’t puff hard enough for me.

Remember the days when blowdryers became available for non-hair stylists? Back in the days of Farrah and her wings, or those bowl hair cuts, that were round all-around with the curls blown under?

I was soooo jealous of my cousin who’s mom was a stylist -because my cuz had one of the first yellow bumble bee dryers-made by Conair.


So, tooling around my favorite beauty supply store, BOSS on Nimitz Highway, right after the Costco turn if you’re going Ewa, I am lucky enough to catch Lincoln Whang – chief beauty guy and owner.

I told him my issue and he showed me a couple of driers–the top grade of the Izanumi line was a little out of my budget so he showed me the totally sleek G6.

The G6 is light, pretty in silver, and the cylinder doesn’t get hot. It is designed for professionals who have to blow dry hair all day, so they can take a break and hold it by the cylinder.

Plus it is quiet, easy to clean, and has unbelievable power – like I mean thrust -like the ability to dry my hair FAST!  Izanumi designed the drier for this purpose-there’s a video online if you choose to check it out on their website.  I’d post, but the video host’s voice is a little much for me – so it must be the same for others.

I highly recommend checking out this blow dryer for people with really thick hair-or for those who want to get out the door fast!




Cream Silk-y Smoothe–Kitoko Body Cream

I’m a glutton for a beauty product store.  I got the bf hooked on Revivogen- since February the product has given back real estate on his receding hairline on the top of his head.

On a recent hair supply run to BOSS Beauty Supply on Nimitz Hwy in Honolulu, I was tooling around waiting for him when I came upon a new Kitoko product.

I used a few bottles of the yummy smelling Kitoko Oil on my path to get my hair back into condition, and loved the soft, kind of nutty, rich smell.  Not like coconut, but somehow has a rich scent.


The new product has both the original Kitoko Oil’s Karite oil and now Argan Oil.

Super softening and non-greasy, this is the new pick for body lotion. Plus it smells so good, I don’t need to put on perfume-which I really don’t wear anyway.

I have a hard time reading the print on the tube, but the original Kitoko oil products provide sunscreen via antioxidant Vit E, and Argan oil is supposed to have 3 times the amount of Vit E.

But at the end of the day, I still say wear sunscreen.



Hair Today!

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Lincoln Whang of BOSS Beauty Outlet Supply right off of Nimitz Highway – he’s so knowledgable about everything hair.

When I first met him  2 years + ago, I was using S-Factor and Bedhead primarily because I loved the way they smelled.  As time went on my hair was getting drier-especially when I started coloring.

Lincoln introduced me to Neuma’s family of organic hair care and Kitoko Oil. I fully credit the change and upgrade to organic products along with switching to vegetable protein glosses instead of color with my hair’s healthy reemergence!

Organic products cost a little more but the Neuma products are really concentrated so you spend less in the long run.  Plus, Lincoln gave me this tip today.  After you shampoo, take a moment and towel dry your hair a little bit and get some of the water out.  Then, squirt in conditioner and proceed as normal.  He explained that a totally wet sponge can’t soak any more water up, and much like the sponge, your hair has a harder time absorbing the conditioner and getting the extra benefits when it’s still soaking wet.  Plus you use less conditioner since it isn’t getting diluted.

Another tip from Lincoln was after you use product on your hair, take a moment to work it through with a clean brush.  Otherwise your product isn’t distributed evenly – and for products with vitamins – they don’t have a chance to get to your scalp where you will get their benefit.

I know I could put Kitoko Oil on my face – it smells really good so I would like it anyway.  He told my friend today that whether your skin is dry or oily, it helps to bring your skin to an even keel-kind of calms it down. Works great on your hair too!

Now Kitoko Oil is producing a spray for UV protection – called Sun Defence UV Protect Spray.  It has Pomegranate, Red Bush, Green Tea, Karite & UV Filters  and Vit A & E.  The BF’s hair is thinning plus he is blue-eyed so he has been addressing precancerous spots on his head, so I pounced on this product.

Seriously, when I stand behind someone with really-fried hair, I want to tap them on the shoulder and ask if they’ve tried glossing and organic product?

After all, your hair and you are worth it—hair is in the top 5 things people notice about you right off the bat.



Stayed tuned for a progress report on the BF’s using the Revivogen product for thinning hair.  Developed by a dermatologist, Revivogen is a natural shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment that you spray on, easiest at bedtime, then shampoo out the next morning.  The system cleans the scalp of all the gunk and stimulates hair growth without unhappy side effects other products may have.