The New De-Liner-Xeomin

Or should it be called the new Botox?  This new contender promises to do the same as Botox and little sister Dysport in terms of relaxing the muscles that make crow’s feet, those lines between your brows and the ones on your forehead going horizontal.

The advantage for physicians who inject is the product is shelf stable.  And just to reiterate-and protect me from backlash-but in the least see a physician for injections.  Preferably ophthalmology, oculoplastics or plastics.  These physicians are trained specifically to address how facial muscles are affected by these products.  Other applications like pain relief for dental work, is another story.  But seriously, if you’re having someone do things to your face, isn’t it worth it to have an expert do it?


For those interested, here’s a special offer from Dr. Melanie Tantisira.  She does my Dysport injections-as an ophthalmologist and a very experienced injector-she uses teeny tiny needles, and changes them out so the patient has the best experience and as little pain as possible.  She’s the best of the physicians I have used-no pain at all.

To an unlined day!


Tantisira Xeomin Offer




Spock No More! A Little Help From Dysport

For the first many many years of my life, when quizzical, I would raise my right eyebrow just like Spock. But as the years went by, maybe 5 years ago, (right around the time I started having my eyebrows done professionally after hacking away at them and they had become a cockeyed mess), I noticed my eyebrow was actually starting to physically slide down my face.

Funny, I thought using a muscle more made it stronger, in this case, gravity pulled the brow downward.

I’m no ophthalmologist, so I don’t know why the Spock expression would pull things down and not up like doing pecs.


I digress.

So, as a volunteer this past week, I got injections of Dysport, which is a muscle relaxant like Botox Cosmetic. Dysport however, lasts longer in most people, maybe 2-4 weeks longer than Botox.  What’s more, if you continue your treatment, and get a tune up right when you notice the affects waning, your next Dysport treatment will last even longer.

Such is the way this category of aesthetic treatments work.  If you start early enough, you can avoid deep lines and wrinkles making headway to permanence, and after awhile you need less product because your muscles learn to behave and stay put.

Dr. Melanie Tantisira injected Dysport after numbing the injection area around my brows and crow’s feet with a cubie – which is a super cold pillow of ice.  She also uses super fine acupuncture needles so imagine getting a shot with a straw vs a shot with a strand of hair circumference.

So I pretty much did not feel anything.

Dr. Tantisira is an ophthalmologist so she knows the anatomy of the eye area back and forth, and forth and back.  Many in the audience asked about nurses doing injections, internists, dentists and everyone who has hopped on the bandwagon, but at the end of the day for me, if I want help around my eyes, I’m going to go to an expert on the eye area.

While I was there at the workshop for the “Madonna Lift”, the audience said after 5 minutes or so, that they could see a difference in my right brow raising on it’s own without the help of Spock.

A few days later and it looks even better, so I don’t have to fake a raised brow with my eyebrow makeup.

Muscle relaxants like botox and dysport and xeomin don’t do everything but they help alot.  Once your whole face starts losing the chubby cheeks of youth, aka volume loss, then you’ll see hollowing under your eyes (tear troughs) and folds around your mouth because the cheeks aren’t holding up the tissue etc. You know stuff like jowls.

Then it’s time to bring out the dermal fillers like Restylane and Radiesse.

I’m not there yet, but Dr Tantisira tells me she can tell I sleep on my right side because the right temple has lost volume from doing so. So I can anticipate that.