Come Out From the Cold! Anenome Covers

Notice I did not put it in the headline, though I was thinking all afternoon a good name for this blog is Booblidge No More!

In ballet class, for the slightly more endowed, you pretty much have to wear a bra for support cuz those little shelf bras built in the leos are just that-little.

Little support

Little coverage

Add to that when you like microfibre leotards for their stretchiness and comfort – well, you have a booblidge situation.

And me, I’m not the one to be caught out in the cold looking, well, cold if you catch the drift.

These neat little silicon circles are jelly like and work really well under sheer evening wear too.

I’ve seen them in department stores, but I bought mine from a local store named Cookies-the stores are located pretty much everywhere on Oahu.

Only $4.99 plus tax.

That’s cheap for a little modesty.



I won’t name names, but one of the girls in class was wearing a different version of these, much much thinner, and one day during a particularly sweaty class, I saw something odd looking on the floor.

The color of a bandaid, circular and very thin. One of the other girls was brave enough to pick it up.

I don’t think we have had such a laugh since – and we still tell the story and we still laugh.

We may get old, but this story hasn’t yet.