Beauty and the Brow

I was going through some old photos the other day and I took one out to show my blue eyed man how black my hair was when I was 28 or 29.  In the shot I am in glorious 80-s style makeup with red red lips, red red fingernails and OMG the most bushy unkempt brows I don’t care to remember!

Me at 28 or 29, New Year's Eve at Nicolas Nicolas with bushy brows and 80-s makeup!

Since I just got my brows done professionally by Stacie at Marsha Nadalin, brow artist extraordinaire,  I figured it made sense to post a before and after, though the after is roughly 20 years AFTER!

Really, don’t you just hate it when your brows are all weird?  I can practically feel the errant hairs poking out and it makes my physically uncomfortable.  Plus, oftentimes I channel Spock and I lift my right eyebrow and I swear it gets stuck there after awhile, so Stacie has her job cut out for her in making them look even.

I did my brows by myself for the last

20 years later, much better brows!

year, Stacie had given me a great foundation and I had been trying to maintain them. But when I get in front of the mirror in ballet class I can see things have drastically gone wild!

Happily, I am back on the program and will let Stacie take over!

This aging stuff is a drag-but I am happy I have professionals like Stacie ad Hillary my hair stylist to beat back the hairier effects!