Battle of the Bumps-Clarins’ Body Lift Cellulite Control

One of the sucky things about getting older is the rapid accelleration of the appearance of bumpy stuff on your body.

Allover your body too.

Longingly you look at young people’s legs that are dimple-free, and you’re not admiring how long or toned they are, you’re just envious of the lack of cellulite.

I think my upper arms had been bugging me the most.  It was getting to the point where I had to plan what I was going to wear based on whether it had sleeves or not.

In fact, I started giving away my sleeveless, camis and never wore tube tops which I adore.

I read an article in old fart magazine “More”, about a woman who was fighting to regain her arm muscles.

Inspired, I set out to tone my arms by doing a few weights, some tricep dips, and very few push ups.

Each Sunday, my jazz dance teacher has us do planks and various arm and core toning pilates moves in our warmup.  I think that I do pretty well-years of exercise payoff in that I can hang in there and plank in good form with my foot up, knee moving out to shoulder etc.

My girlfriend and I share products that we try and decide to pass on. One day, she presented me with a deluxe sample of Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control.

I don’t know if something was lost in translation, but it just hit me that targeting “early & stubborn” cellulite didn’t make sense.

Isn’t being stubborn implying that the bumps have been there and have taken up residence? Thus, “early” didn’t make sense?


The first few times I applied the product to my thighs, I massaged it in so hard I got bruises. I rubbed it in with enough vigor to have my legs turn bright red, and I could feel the mintiness of the product tingling.

Since then I have backed off to a more swedish massage level of pressure. Light upward strokes-kind of a feathering technique.

And I think the product works for me.

I wouldn’t prance around in short-shorts, but being hyper-aware of the condition of my skin, hair and everything else-I do believe this product is bringing about results.

Just in time for summer.