Update Deux – Nerium AD

Update 8/14/14

I as checking out Biologic Stem Cells-my friend gave me a sample so I found this site.  Kind of scary about Nerium.



What I wonder about is, if Nerium AD is so fantastic, why do the manufacturers advertise?

Actually, more accurately, my question is, why don’t any beauty oriented articles or magazines comment on the “wonder” product?

Nerium AD stories on my blog are amongst the top 5 since I started in February this year.

737 page views on the first post, and 95 on the update. A trailing second place is my article on skincare products at TJ Maxx and other outlets–is the efficacy of the product intact? (I think it’s fine to buy soap etc-but if the product is supposed to have an active ingredient-I wonder how active it still is after it has sat on the shelf somewhere else before making it’s way to Ross and the like). ┬áPeople are also very interested in korean toe masks – which are really foot masks – cool little booties worn to soften your feet skin.

I digress.

The search queries are–

will nerium help with melasma

nerium cult

is nerium ad poisonous?

will nerium help brown spots?

is nerium ad toxic?

nerium doesn’t work

nerium ad smell

nerium ad puffy eyes

You get the picture.

I can only talk about my experience and what people tell me-mostly that they have gone through the product and say it made their skin really really dry, didn’t get much in the way of results etc.

My own experience, was meh.

The power of pyramid marketing is pretty astounding.

Is it any different than other advertising?