A Smile Is Just A Frown, Turned Upside Down-Clinique High Lash Mascara

When I use Clinique’s High Lash mascara, I was reminded of the ol song–smiling faces, smiling faces, beware! Hey, they don’t tell the truth…

Anyway, it feels good to be doing some creative writing for a change.

I am not a mascara aficionado like many other bloggers-I am, a woman in search of ONE-COAT fantastic length and volume though without clumping.

I thought I found it in a MAC mascara recently, but the fact that I can’t remember the name only a month or or so later, well

that’s telling.

I think that went in the round receptacle.

I just don’t have the time to be so fussy to 1) put on more than one coat of mascara, and 2) take one of those combs out to separate the lashes.

So, there’s a nice lady at the Clinique Kahala counter who introduces me to new product-mostly when it comes to Clinique I pick up skincare like Dramatically Different which I like to use when I want to seal a serum in. It’s not for the heavy duty days when I need Kiehl’s Rosa Artica original formula.

I was just using my sample mascaras to tide me over after I tossed the Mac-and really, am I the only that gets confused with all those brushes? This does this, and this does that?

So, all I really need is simple. She suggested High Lash because it lengthens by pulling the lashes out with the comb/brush. Sort of helps the lashes curl a bit too.

The want itself is neon green and more like a comb than a brush–it is shaped as a semi-circle thus a frown or smile shape.

So, after a few days of using it, I was expecting it to start clumping, and it kind of did and I resorted to using the separation comb.

Then for whatever reason, I thought how about flipping the brush/comb?

So, what I do is use it like a “smile” to put on the coat of mascara.

Then I flip it, and use it like a “frown” to separate the lashes.

Somehow this works–

I don’t know if the folks at Clinique intended this, but it works for me.