Shimmer Me Timbers ! Clinique Corrective Primers

Give me a silicon based primer and I am intrigued.  Make it work a little harder and I am in love.

I was cruising Windward Mall Macy’s a few days ago and spied colorful tubes at the Clinique counter. I was with the BF so it was mainly a touch and go, but a few days later I got a sample from Neiman’s..

Clinique’s new primers are silicon-based, so the result is a little cushion upon which your foundation sits on top of. My friend calls it “spackle”–sort of fills in the nooks and crannies of old scars, pores and probably light lines.


What makes them special is they come in colors that correct for sallowness (lavender), brightness(pink), radiance (gold), redness(yellow), and I think there was clear/translucent, making it just the primer with no correction.

MakeUp Forever also has primers for specific issues by the way.

But the Clinique products work very well with their new CC Cream. I’m not sure if it helps form a seal of moisture, but using both together, helps with the dryness issue I had with the CC cream. They work beautifully together. But at least in my case, not so well with my non silicon based primer.

I’m happy to see that Clinique is creating new products that actually work–their price point is vey reasonable, and their gifts with purchase are great. While other gwps are getting a little chintzy, or boring because they always give the same thing, Clinique is offering a breath of fresh air.