Don’t Ya Hate It? MAC False Lashes Mascara

I recently received a sample of MAC’s False Lashes Extreme Black mascara and was super duper loving it for it’s lash separation and lengthening powers with no clumping.  Prior to that I was using some other MAC mascara, that over time started getting clumpy after an initial great start.

I don’t know if it’s me and I should be cleaning the mascara wand periodically or what, but almost all of my mascara ends up this way.  Although some like Estee Lauder’s Sumptous, starts out clumpy-prob from being overly ambitious in the thickening department.


I figure buying the new mascara at Windward Mall Macy’s would be a gamble-cuz, really, at the back of my mind I’m thinking that cosmetic products stay on the shelf longer at Windward Macys, 1) because of the size of the Kaneohe population and 2) that people probably would rather save and purchase Maybeline Great Lash or L’Oreal Voluminious, both great products at a lower price point.

I could get into Kaneohe Safeway’s expired products that live on the shelves long after the expiration date, but that’s another blog and everyone in Kaneohe who shops there already knows that fresh products are not to be found at Safeway. (Seriously, I was looking to buy one of their “bake-at-home” deli-pizzas and even they were expired.  I told the guy also shopping-“ya need to check the date.”)


It turns out after only a week of using the MAC product from WW Macys it is clumping already. Very sad. I figure this is because the product is old-since my sample tube, after weeks of using it, did not clump.

I know I have to take it back-no shame-if I pay $22 for a mascara, I want to use it.