Taming the Frizzies-Neuma NeuSmooth Illuminating Shine

You’d think with all of the oil based products there would be a lot more people walking around with oily stringy hair.

A problem we avoided as younger people-that being oily hair-so it’s ironic that we seek out oil as our older selves.

BOSS Beauty Supply often sells their products in trios–like the Neuma Shampoo, Conditioner and something usually a finish treatment as the third.

A typical cocktail trio

I changed up my moisture formula in the blue bottles with the volume formula in the orangy-rust colored bottles-and it turns out they work great.

Since the big M, my hair had gotten extremely dry and the cocktail of Neuma Moisture shampoo and conditioner plus kitoko oil, plus only doing gloss to cover my gray was the road back from a color-treated frizzy mess.

I wash my hair every day-mostly because I just like fresh hair, and contrary to others, my hair is not better on the second day. So, when contemplating something new, Lincoln’s staff told me the volume formula works very well and still gives moisture.

As some people know I’m Janey come-lately, and I tried flat-ironing my hair to get that glossy look, but when honesty is applied, I am way too lazy to take that much time on my hair.

Instead, after blow-drying, I take a couple of shots of the Neuma Illuminating Mist and rake it through my hair. ¬†Because I always have to drive somewhere, I take this time to “set” my hair.¬†

Then my secret to non-frizzy hair, which won’t work for people who like a really polished look, but is great for a slight controlled beachy wave, is to first twist my hair, then use a scrunchy or hair rubber band and make a low bun.

It actually looks chic, with a low side part, but if I am going to an appointment, as I drive up I take out the rubber band and rake my fingers through my hair again.

It’s a lot easier than using a flat-iron and twisting and flipping and all that.

I like it easy-life’s complicated enough.