Little Stuffs

Seriously, sometimes what you get in those little sample packets are enough, but other times it’s just a dab of product, and how are you supposed to get any action from that?

I was  leafing through Allure, and Philosophy had their new lifting cream – being skeptical, I squished the product while it was still in the magazine. Hnh-barely a 1/2 teaspoon.

Is Philosophy really that confident that a 1/2 teaspoon would bring about the lifting they were talking about in the ad? Or at least enough of a change that I’d hurry out and buy it?

The only thing I have ever used that had a pretty much instant lifting action was from Orlane’s Thermal Eye Lift-almost instantaneously lifts the eyelid without that stretched, tight feeling, you get with other products.


My friends and I love samples-I think when you’re using a moisturizer just to hydrate, or a cleanser just to wash-then the samples fulfill their simple basic promise to hydrate and cleanse. Like John Master’s Organics milky cleanser-great product, I might actually buy it. Cleanses without feeling dry.

But for those other guys, mayybe they are just trying to get past first base by seeing if you like the way the product smells, or feels? (Kind of like dating). I know that a recent magazine sample of L’Oreal product smelled like oranages but not in the California kissed way, more like that freeze-dried Tang way.


Or, if I ever sampled Clinique’s Super Defense SPF 25, I’d never have purchased any since I don’t like the way their sunscreen products have a synthetic texture to the cream. But hey it works for the bf so I am happy about that!

Difference strokes, li’ dat.

Deluxe samples, on the other hand are a different story.

Among them are Laura Mercier’s eye treatment, ReVive’s Moisture Intensitif and Trish McEvoy’s primer.  Amazing even in sample size!

I don’t know about your part of town, but here in Honolulu, the beauty bag wars are still raging between Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.  Our Hawaii Macy’s doesn’t participate, but the other two have events so close together, I wonder how anyone has enough facial skin to use or sample the products.

Maybe that’s why good things come in small packages?