The In-Betweens-Color Gray In a Phffzt! Rita Hazan Root Concealer

I had my appointment with Hillary J of Winam Studio, but I had to take an emergency appointment with my client, so I had to move to Saturday.

However, my roots were showing, and since I have dark brown/black hair, you could definitely see the skunky line of white hair in my part!  So I looked on the internet for some temporary solutions.

I had tried the mascara wand based products before, and though you can’t really tell from far away, your covered gray hair looks exactly like when your mascara gets gloppy.  You know, yucky and stuck together.  Besides, I like to touch my hair and the mascara products rubs off on your fingers.

More magazine had a cool article which featured a few different products and how well they worked.  I liked it because it showed how the different products looked on the model who had significant gray hair.

The internet comments talked about a Sally (beauty supply) crayon that was great, and the Bumble and Bumble product.

So I headed over to Sephora and consulted with a young lady, who probably didn’t color because she had to. But she pointed out the various options-but said the Rita Hazan product’s applicator nozzle was easier to avoid over spray because of its small directed nozzle.  I sprayed the product on a tissue and looked just like spray paint. I thought briefly about putting on my head, but…..hey it did say Try Me!


I did try it the next day.  It suggested watching the video, but I barely have time to watch tv. So, I just shook the bottle, and sprayed.  After a few sprays, the gray in my part was pretty covered.  I probably sprayed too much, as my hair felt a little stiff and sticky, like hair spray.

But after a few hours, I touched my hair and it felt a little sticky, the color did not come off.

Their website says the product is sweatproof and won’t rub off on your pillow. It didn’t rub off on my pillow ( I shampoo in the morning) and all in all, I think it was a good choice.

FY-It’s not promoted as a dry shampoo like Bumble and Bumble’s. Which I’d rather wash my hair and put the product on clean hair.  The dry shampoo products are good, but they leave your hair with “texture”. Good, but not always needed.