BlogWorthy-See Me Clearly (Snark Warning!)

I wasn’t planning on going to the mall today, but the BF wanted his prescription sunglasses fixed so I said ok, I figure I can get some awesome chocolate mochi with peanut butter inside from Kansai Yamato.

So the only salesperson in the store was finishing up with someone-selling him some outrageous non-prescription shades for $500 plus tax!

That’s nuts already. But I guess the guy was on va-kay.

So, she acknowledges me, and said she’d be with me in a minute.

Ok-but after 20 minutes or so, I probably should have taken a seat.

If she was really on her game, she probably should have suggested that.

But she probably figured I wasn’t there to buy.


She finally gets to me, doesn’t thank me for waiting and asks, “what happened?” Or however she asked, it led me to ask her, “what do you mean?”

I said the “lens popped out when he picked them up from the counter.”

She then TELLS ME, most lenses pop out because the sunglasses were left in the sun.

She doesn’t SUGGEST, she TELLS ME, that’s why they broke.

Seriously, the people that get hired for these jobs amaze me.

Like they don’t want a repeat customer at Ilori – whatever happened to being tactful?

What makes it bad for the brands they sell; Tom Ford, Chanel, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Oliver Peeples – her bad sales behavior reflects on their brands.

Seriously, where do they get these people?



Recently I ordered Clinique Super Defense for the bf and thought I was getting a gift with purchase (GWP) that was mentioned on the Clinique site,  and also appeared on the Nordstrom’s site when searching for Nordstrom Clinique GWP.

I saw it but couldn’t recreate the gwp when I called Nordstrom’s to let them know my gwp was not included in my shipment. The Nordstrom’s call center connected me to the Clinique counter at some store location, where I was informed that there was no current GWP – you know the cool kind with moisturizer, a chubby stick, mascara et al – but only a step up of a $75 purchase where I would get a foundation brush.

Since I purchase only so much Clinique at any given time, it wasn’t something I was interested in, so with the salesperson’s tone of voice in mind, I decided to not push the issue.

Until, however…..

I got an email follow up from Nordstrom’s asking would I give a review of the product? I could, but whatever…I already blogged about it before.

Reading down I saw that they also were asking about the quality of the customer experience-which I filled out; being honest, rating everything high but added a little one liner saying I thought the salesperson used a dismissive tone of voice.

Not an hour later I got an email from the Beauty Stylist saying that Nordstrom’s was sorry for my experience, and that happily they would send the foundation brush as a gift.

It’s really interesting in that the response was so swift – I know in the day of email and the internet, anything can go around the world in seconds or minutes.

It wasn’t a bad experience – just thought I’d probably not fall over myself to buy the product from Nordstrom’s.  No biggie.