My Affair

Is with my passion for learning ballet.

I often refer to it as ‘the way I make love to myself’.

Surely it is my true bliss which makes me happiest.

Whenever I am troubled I find protection in getting lost in the beauty of the movement and the music.  It softens the murmuring in my mind.

Whenever I am happy, then it’s like turning it up a notch times 10!  Nothing makes me happier than the feeling of a perfect en dehors pirouette, or the figuring out how to do something new.

Really, I’d rather take class.  In some ways, ballet is like the thing that I cherish most in my life (ok other than my parents and friends)-other people have their kids or spouses, but the thing that remains constant and dependable for me is class.  Class is always there.

It’s always new.  Even when we ratchet the difficulty down for beginners, our ballet mistress finds a way to make it just as challenging for us.  Try doing grande’ pile’ in 8 very slow counts down, and 8 very slow counts up.

Many of my friends as well as myself take jazz dance, which is fantastic and our  teacher is a gifted choreographer and she makes sure it is a challenge since many of the other students have been dancing over 20 years.

When people ask me about our classes, they can hardly believe that the youngest one of us is 46.  I truly believe that dancers stay young because of the joy that comes from the beauty of the movement.

Or maybe it’s because it is their bliss.