Veil of Mystery-Magic Makeup Forever’s HD Powder

It’s so fun to cruise around with your friends trying different make up stuffs.  A couple of weeks ago we attended Modern Luxury Magazine’s Shop A Lea at Ala Moana center.  This event is a fundraiser and fancy cocktail party all in one!  Luxury stores have yummy pupus (Hawaiian cocktail snacks) and unique cocktails, donated by restaurants like Salt, Trump Tower(forget the name Terrace something), Tango et al.

My buds wanted to go to Macy’s to hit the shoe sale. Didn’t even make it to the shoe department before stopping by the MAC counter. Wasn’t looking for a powder-people that know me know I’m known for having a “dewy” look because I dab on moisturizer all day.  Anyway–the makeup artist fluffed on some of their finishing powder on all three of us, and I have to admit, the effect was quite noticeable.  These powders soften the edges-if you have wrinkles and other stuff it helps hide them.  They were formulated for use on camera -with the advent of HD cameras, people on the air use special makeup to hide the flaws that are magnified a million times.

Try watching your favorite shows on regular then switch to HD.  I love that handsome dude on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr Mark, but boy he doesn’t look too great in HD!  Some of our local newscasters look great in HD by the way.  It’s a practiced hand to get a fresh look without being cakey.  Props go out to Crystal Pancipanci-I caught a little of Livin’ Local with the Baraquio sisters – I knew Crystal does their make up, and I was really impressed with their makeup achieving the just right line between dewy and concealed perfection.

I’m a little afraid of powder because my skin tends to be dry, so though I liked the effect I decided to wait and see.  Not even a day later, we were in Sephora checking out  Makeup Forever’s HD Powder.  Got a sample of that to try out.

Well, I like the results so much I bought it the other day.  I lightly dust it on my t-zone avoiding my dry areas around my eyes and nasolabial folds around the mouth.

So when do you drop that veil of mystery, read make up? Well duh, don’t sleep with your makeup on. You’ll look terrible in the morning with smeary eye make up, ew. I’ve heard of women who never have ever let their significant person see them without make up. They go to sleep late and wake up early to get their face made up.

They’d probably be better off if they got 8 hours of sleep, waking up refreshed.

Men never know, women always do. You guys know you know. So just be prepared.  Mini kit-cleanser, moisturizer w sunscreen, lip, mascara, brow, maybe a little magic powder.