OOOOH! Pause to Refresh-Face Masks!

Happy Halloween in May!  I would scare you if I had posted a photo of me wearing the Korean face mask I just tried.  Here it is–looks like Jason from Friday the 13th, right?

The Face Shoppe has  great selection of these face masks that are very soft cloths that have been presoaked with different treatments for moisturizing, collagen building, soothing etc.  They also have gel masks which are similar but instead of cloth, the mask is infused into a jelly sort of material.

These are great for mornings after you had a bit of a late night, or before a big night out.

I highly recommend doing this in PRIVATE!  At the H-club, I have seen people walking around the locker room wearing these masks, and believe me they are scary when you come walking around the corner and you see one of these!!!

Yeah, this might be too scary for your significant person unless you are able to convince him or her to also join in.  I bet it would be a barrel of laughs in that context.


Other masks I love.

Orlane makes a beautiful moisturizing renewal mask–I use this one on mornings I need a little help and my skin feels like a desert.  A few years ago I went through a phase when it didn’t matter what I put on my skin, it would be dry.

Orlane Super Hydrating Masque

Orlane’s Bio-Mimic Hydrating Masque is not nearly as scary as the cloth masks, but is highly effective in super-hydrating you in 10-15 minutes.  This one kind of soaks in, so this is something you could wear around the new guy or gal and they’d never know you were secretly rejuvenating yourself!

Course, take advantage when Nieman’s or Nordstroms offers those free facials using their premium products!  Despira is the resident facialist at both stores in Honolulu – she is from Greece and has a cool accent that is strangely as soothing as her facials.

I’m not usually a big facial person, cuz I don’t like people doing something to my face what I wouldn’t do!

A veer off the path.

I went to a woman who had advertised an oxygen facial on Hawaii Hot Deals-she worked out of her home which is ok, a lot of small businesses do in Hawaii.  Went over, and she had a facial table set up near the window – me, sunscreen queen is wondering, oh great, UV exposure.

So I lay down and she holds up a mirror to my face, and says, this is your face lying down. I’m like, really, scare me?!


I close my eyes and relax.  The first part in most facials after cleansing whatever you have on, is steaming to open the pores.

I heard bubbling, not unusual, but I swear she was moving a little pot of water with one of those coffee water warmers!! I was too scared to open my eyes, because I know my reaction would be to jerk away!!!!!!!

I swear the oxygen machine she used was pretty low power–I had gotten a demo on my hand from a friend and there was light years difference in the ‘push’ power of the oxygen. I figured I would just deal with it instead of jumping off the table.

Finally get done with no sunscreen, because the antioxidant oils  A,C,E were applied though I am skeptical. I applied sunscreen in the bathroom.

When I come out, she gives me a cup of water which she says is ‘energized’.  WIth what? I ask. She pulls open her kitchen drawer and pulls out another ‘As Seen On Tv’ type gadgets and throws it back in the drawer.

I’m like, ewgh. Thanks, not thanks, GAG!

Ok, back to masks.

Another awesome mask for exfoliation is Dermologica’s Gentle Cream Exfoliant.  I do not believe in scrubbing my face with microbeads, apricot kernels, anything abrasive-! Dermologica’s product appeals to me because it exfoliates with hydroxy-acid – I know the acid part sounds scary, but it’s not.  Great results.  I had a possibility of a zit a couple of days ago and I applied this product, and it disappeared!

Another awesome product is Clarin’s Flash Balm.  Truly a game changing facesaver after a dehydrating night.  I read recently that some make up artists use it as primer-have to try that sometime.

I think those blue masks we used to use in 7th grade probably have a bunch of chemicals in them, and besides when you pull them off your face they are pulling your skin. Clarins has a product that you put on, and then kind of roll off in eraser like crumbs.  Your face feels amazing after, but again, why yank on your face like that?

Preserve, preserve,preserve.