Old Faithful

Being loyal to a product is like being loyal to a man – as long as they faithfully deliver the promise, things are great.

If they change their program, well….

But is it possible that new and improved is better?

I think when you’re middle age like me, you’re skeptical about just checking stuff out just to check it out. Takes too much time away from the good stuff that’s already delivered.

It took me a really long time to just be happy and content, and not fickle, looking for something else, a two in the bush type in my younger years.

So I think I know better.

But can other shiny happy product advertising with promises lead me to plunk down the credit card and buy what their selling?

Doubtful. At 50,  I think I can like something, ask a bunch of questions and then figure out that I don’t need to buy it.

But what happens when products just up and quit production altogether?

Like my favorite drugstore brand Johnson & Johnson 24-Hour body lotion.  I LOVE the smell of baby products, and though this wasn’t a baby product, it did smell faintly of baby powder and delivered soft skin.

Then, one day I happened into Longs and noticed the product was marked down heralding a close out -so I bought the last 4 bottles.

This happened to me with L’Occitane.  Their honey body lotion smelled wonderful, delivered excellent moisturizing results and the store clerk told me you could ingest it? (That got a quizzical look from me and apparently some people use it for other purposes).


Sometimes, although you’re not planning on looking for a new option, you are forced to, but only it they quit on you first.

Otherwise, those advertising guys wouldn’t have a job!