Prestigious Trish

I really love products that are gentle on my aging eyelids-so if I buy an eyeliner and it tugs on my lid while I’m drawing the line, in the recycle bin it goes. Comparing the test on your wrist, to what it feels like on your eyelid, is really two different things.

Cruising NM one day I wandered by the Trish McEvoy counter.  I had a really bad experience when they had an event years and years ago, and pretty much swore off the line.

However, the salesperson was earnest, and usually eyeliner and lipstick is pretty non-committal.

Trish McEvoy’s gel eyeliner is a really great product – glides on smooth and soft with no tugging, but it only comes in blue and black.  Chantecaille makes a similar product but I didn’t test it – my friend had purchased it and it smeared badly in the matter of a few hours.

Coming to the end of the TM gel eyeliner, I sharpened it and got a little of the wood shaving in my eye irritating it all day.  Ok, that’s really my fault but it really hurt.

On Sunday I saw that Long’s Drugstores aka CVS had a sale on their already inexpensive Prestige line of cosmetics.  You can’t test products at Long’s anymore, but $4.49 and 40% off was a price that I could afford to buy and put in recycle if need be.

Turns out that the Prestige Intense Liner was pretty much the same as the $20+ Trish McEvoy product!  The blue color is just intense, and after taking a ballet class was still going strong, yet came off easily in the shower.

So I don’t know about you, but if I can find a product that works just as well, I’m going to save almost $20 and buy the less expensive one!

Wouldn’t you?