The No Diet Pepsi Diet-Dr Oz

Really I think Dr Oz DAILY miracle cures are tiring, and the best thing about his show are the great examples of how the (fill in the blank) works.

When I try to work and have him on in the background, I end up getting annoyed because his show’s tonality is loud and sensational.

So, I am channel surfing in the afternoon, looking for some background noise, and hear the  show’s promotional tease ” The 2 week diet, lose 9 pounds.”

I’ve been feeling sensitive about my weight, and after losing a couple of pounds, I was on the way to gaining those lbs back.

I never weigh myself and only use my clothes to tell me where I am at in terms of my weight. I don’t have a closet full of clothes in different sizes.

Rather, I wear mostly knits, that stretch a bit. But my jeans and things that close around my waist tell no lies.

Plus I’ve been seeing the hype about Oprah’s weight loss on FB.


I watch the show, and pretty much get that the only items on his list I don’t adhere to are-

I drink Diet Pepsi-at least one 21 oz bottle per day.

I eat cheese-probably more than those one inch cubes called a serving.

I take no vitamins what so ever.

Knowing myself, the best way to approach “dieting” is to do one thing. Heck, I only do one set of shoulder presses if I walk by my weights, but I consider that an achievement!

So, I chose the evil Diet Pepsi.

The bf constantly nags/preaches about why Diet Pepsi is bad. Like it turns into formaldehyde in your body etc.

But taste is king. Bubbles are my thing.

But I commit to giving it up after the last bottle in the fridge.

It was pretty easy, because I don’t drink it for the caffeine.

I don’t feel any different-I was expecting some amazing new glow to my skin or something from the lack of formaldehyde, but maybe I should expect a total sagging of my body since I don’t have the evil chemical to glue it in place!

However, after 3 weeks, I have lost weight.

How can I tell?

Shorts and pants that I veer away from when I pack my gym bag, fit without giving me waist-harikiri.

The blubber over my bra strap has started to recede.

Thankfully, I have not experienced more weight loss in my face. I’m at the point where facial weight loss only results in hollows and the architecture not holding up.

I added a pro biotic, tho not a pill. I’m putting a generous dollop on Greek Gods Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt on my naked wheat toast in the morning.  I was doing pb and j, and then sequed to honey, but the yogurt fills me up, and I like the taste anyway.

It just has to be easy.

So I’m on my way.

Maybe I’ll add a multi-vitamin to the regimen,

But like I said, it has to be easy. And all the diet docs in the world say, if it’s not something that you can make a regular choice in your life, it ain’t gonna work long term.

Besides, the bf’s aspiring doctor son, when I told him I gave up my beloved diet pepsi but crave it when stressed, having finished the unit on addiction diagnosed my craving as “classic addiction reaction.”




I am expecting some change in the quality of my skin since diet pepsi is just a bottle of fizzy chemicals at the end of the day.