Winam Hair Studio – 2nd Crown of Glory

I thought I posted this previously, but I realized I didn’t.

Hillary J of Winam Hair Studio was selected as Hawaii’s representative for the 100 Best Salons in the Country by Elle Magazine for the second time-find the complete listing in the August 2013 issue.  Winam was on Winam Street in Kapahulu when it first won recognition last year, but has since moved to a cool space above the post office in Kaimuki, on Kokohead Avenue.

Hillary is the stylist and owner, and on any given day the salon has a comfortable, people chilling and hanging out vibe.  She has a new website,, or find her on yelp–she has over 100, 4 star ratings by happy clients.  She takes appointments on, which makes it easy to choose whether you are having a green cut, gloss, highlights, cut etc.

WinamStudio HawaiiI originally found HJ on yelp myself.  The photo gallery had a woman with hair similar looking to mine-thick and heavy strands, and I went in citing photo #70.

For early morning risers, Winam is now taking appointments at 430am! The 5am’s are booked, so since HJ gets up early…


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So you guys know how I give a lot of credit to Hillary J for getting my hair back to a healthy condition via using vegetable gloss to color the gray, instead of using “color” and harsh, drying dye?

Hillary J will be opening her own location on Kokohead Avenue in Kaimuki – near Jose’s Mexican Cafe & Cantina.

It will echo a lot of Winam Hair Studio’s zen like quality – not so far out like you’ll hear tinkling bells and incense, but a mellow atmosphere is planned.

I might miss the spaceship contraption at Billy F.’s for setting in my gloss, but that’s ok, the gloss stayed in before and will again!