Oh Honey Honey! Honey Sugar Body Scrub

Well, I felt like I was getting rough around the edges so I decided to do a body scrub and I thought about doing the coconut scrub(sweet sticky Thang), but recalled that honey is also known for its wonderful healing properties.  Plus it’s natural and I figured it would leave less mess in the tub!

I’m all for that!!!

I did about a half cup of honey and added maybe 3/4 cup of granulated sugar. Surprisingly it stiffened very quickly so I added a little water.

Scrubbing away I found that the best way was to apply, then wet my hands a bit so there was more liquid to swish/scrub around the honey sugar mix.

Smells really good too!  Perfect for a romantic night! Yay.

Clean up was a breeze.  You should probably still use some cleanser on the tub to avoid bugs.

So, I think the reason I take the time to do this is, when someone tells me my skin is sooooooo soft that makes me feel it is all worth it.

Plus, I used to use chemical exfoliating body lotions like Neostrata and Amlactin, but I bet they tasted nasty!