The Fight Against The Dreaded Eye Wrinkle Monster!

The day I was shopping around for a new eye cream, I was looking for something that would ease the dryness around my eyes-the sides, the under and a little under the brow AND something that I could use with concealer if I chose to take that step.

I have used Bobbie Brown’s eye cream which Bobbie uses when she demonstrates how to put on concealer her way. If you haven’t watched her video on concealer, it is pretty eye opening in that she covers the entire triangular area under the eye and above the cheekbone.  The affect is gorgeous if you have the right concealer color.  I always skipped the powder step because my skin is too dry, but I had a person who has known me for years exclaim, “damn, you just keep looking younger!”


I dabbed my way through pots of eye cream in Sephora, Nords and NM and then was coaxed into L’Occitane’ with the heavy fragrance wafting out of their doors.  I go in and out of how much I like their products–my favorite was their honey lotion which they discontinued years ago, but they should bring it back.  It was light yet very moisturizing.

I got  a sample packet of Immortale’ Precous Eye Balm,  L’Occitane’s premium skincare line.  Made with a special flower that somehow has properties that sustain youth blah blah blah.

I went back and purchased the product a few days later.

Why, is it that, the sample and the product don’t always perform the same?

The sample packet was a little thinner, the actual product a little thicker.  True it is called Precious Eye BALM, like in chapstick, but the product goes on really thick.  I take the step of warming it up on my fingers, but that doesn’t help much.

The thing is – a balm is supposed to help seal moisture in, so in other words you don’t feel dryness during the day.

But Precious precious eye balm – does not keep my skin moist.  After a few hours, when I smile or even when just sitting around, I can feel my skin getting dry.

Maybe I’m more sensitive than most, but hey….Plus insult to injury, this product is in a very very tiny pot for $40+ buckeroos. Yes, it’s not a $100+, but I give this product for lack of performance a C.