BeTween the Lines

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I’ve noticed since it was pointed out to me – that there is a lot of eye liner that is applied above the lash line, leaving a funny looking line of skin between the lashes and eyeliner.

I know, real minor stuff, but it’s so noticeable!

I think as I get older and need reading glasses to do stuff more and more, I try to be more careful about getting my eyeliner line pushed into my lashes.

The way I do this with a pencil eyeliner is from the top, push the liner into the lashes as I draw.  On the bottom, or actually the interior of the upper eyelid, I take my pencil and draw and color in the spaces in between the lashes.

This way it leaves no question that there is no weird looking line-plus you have the added benefit of darker, thicker lashes.  On a hot day you might forgo mascara with this look.

I also learned to do this with Laura Mercier’s tight liner–using the same technique, take your loaded brush and push into the upper outer and upper inner lash lines to get a nice intense line.

Having that funky bare line is right up there with tangerine lipstick and overly pink cheeks – so aging!


I Want to Look Younger But I Don’t Want To Look Like I’m Trying!

Hah! Got your attention?  This is actually an article about what not to do when putting on your make up, in the quest to look younger.

I think most people have heard the story that red lipstick, pink cheeks and long, lush lashes mimic the flush of youth and fertility.  Add to that silky, shiny hair.

So what happens as you age?  Your lips thin out, you lose the pink in your cheeks, your lashes (and probably eyebrows) thin out, and your hair dulls and in my case gets kinky.

As you age, many beauty mavens suggest a lighter hand when putting on make up. I think, at least in my opinion, that doesn’t mean less make up, it means lighter colors.  Instead of trying to make yourself look more vibrant with a stronger blush, or more color eye shadow or liner, it means choose colors that are believable.

I remember a day about 10 years ago, when a friend took a bright blue eyeliner and drew it all around her eyes, top and bottom.  It matched the blue stripes in her shirt and it looked terrible and I was reminded of that crazy Bette Davis movie – “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Then I was watching junk food tv-The Bachelor-and I noticed every woman on the show had heavy liner on top and a lot on the bottom.

For years I have skipped liner on the bottom and rarely put on mascara on my bottom lashes-but I tried the liner the other day.  I have to absolutely say it closed my eyes and made them look smaller.

Point 1-use a light hand, or nothing on the bottom lashes.

I bought a Laura Mercier lipstick in “Audrey” a deeper brown-red that I apply with a light hand.  I have “cho cho” lips, which means I don’t need anything injected. I like this color because it’s a red color, but it does not shout red.  Think the opposite of Marilyn Monroe, and her oozing self with the red lips.

Point 2-choose lip color wisely.  Trendy usually does not work-avoid neons, too orange, too pink, too nude, dark liner around and nude inside etc.

I got a sample of a balm that I used this morning.  The new balms aim to be all-in-one products – moisturizer, treatment, color and sunscreen.  Gives light but definite coverage, and softens the edges so to speak.  I think this is a happy medium between foundation and tinted moisturizer.  Great for busy women who don’t have time to do a lot of products that you layer.

Point 3-don’t cake on foundation in the quest for coverage.  New lighter products work.  Avoid cakey powder foundation.  Use a very light hand for translucent powder when you are taking down shine.

For Halloween I decided to be Black Swan because I think the eye makeup is crazy.  Another year I was a cat.  Both eye make up costumes required darkening the eye with black, dark shadow then circling with thick thick thick eye liner.

Point 4 -err to less is more.  Think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  She wears a pretty much nude eye, pink/nude lip, and gorgeous doe eye liner.

So, aging beauties, go for classic. Avoid the trends and use a light hand.