Shimmer Me Timbers ! Clinique Corrective Primers

Give me a silicon based primer and I am intrigued.  Make it work a little harder and I am in love.

I was cruising Windward Mall Macy’s a few days ago and spied colorful tubes at the Clinique counter. I was with the BF so it was mainly a touch and go, but a few days later I got a sample from Neiman’s..

Clinique’s new primers are silicon-based, so the result is a little cushion upon which your foundation sits on top of. My friend calls it “spackle”–sort of fills in the nooks and crannies of old scars, pores and probably light lines.


What makes them special is they come in colors that correct for sallowness (lavender), brightness(pink), radiance (gold), redness(yellow), and I think there was clear/translucent, making it just the primer with no correction.

MakeUp Forever also has primers for specific issues by the way.

But the Clinique products work very well with their new CC Cream. I’m not sure if it helps form a seal of moisture, but using both together, helps with the dryness issue I had with the CC cream. They work beautifully together. But at least in my case, not so well with my non silicon based primer.

I’m happy to see that Clinique is creating new products that actually work–their price point is vey reasonable, and their gifts with purchase are great. While other gwps are getting a little chintzy, or boring because they always give the same thing, Clinique is offering a breath of fresh air.


What I Really Really Want! Foundation that matches my skin!

It really bugs me when purchasing foundation in any form – tinted moisturizer, powder compact, creme compact, foundation stick, liquid and any other gyration, and it doesn’t work for me once i head out the store.

My pet peeve is when the makeup artist projects their desire to be tan and sells me foundation that is too dark.

Only to be topped by my other peeve – that even in the best stores, the lighting is terrible and you can’t see that the color doesn’t work, before you plunk down your hard earned cash!

(The exception to the lighting issue is the Mac company store.  Customers have their foundation applied in such gorgeous light – how can you possibly be mismatched? All in the pursuit of a flawless, usually matte visage’).

I’ve been pretty lucky with Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier foundation color – but mostly because I advocate for my self since my former beloved Bobbi rep left almost 3 years ago to pursue a career in nails and brows – after that, the remaining salespeople never really convinced me they were trying to find the best colors and products for me. Every time I would go to the counter and the colors I bought from them like lipsticks and eye shadows have bit the dust or I gave them to my friends.

I constantly read about the raves for Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer and having had myself “matched” and given the color sand – I just couldn’t make it work.

Love love love LM’s Radiance Primer-and finally found using a light dusting of her powder compact foundation was the best solution.

But I just couldn’t give up the search – the quest for the perfected tinted moisturizer in the fabled line.

So, I recently packed for a trip, and somehow my dop kit full of make up is reduced to a small box about 1/3 the size.  Mostly because I break out the samples.

In the last NM bag, I got a sample of LM tinted moisturizer which I tossed off because I thought it was the same sand color that doesn’t really work.

Unbelievably the color in the sample tube is perfection! Now I believe when others gush about LM.

Anyway–the perfect color on the face is the one that matches your skin, but makes you look a bit better.  I don’t really like a truly flawless face, tho for a big night out it works. But what I’m really getting at is some people don’t realize that their foundation has become really gray on their skin, or has caked.

I know easy is well easy, but when your face is the first thing people see, then well…why wear powder foundation if it dries and crackles, or mineral powder that turns gray, or pink foundation when your undertone is yellow.

Oh well.