OMG! What Smells?!!! Pas Deux

I like to travel but I don’t like to fly in the enclosed little environment they call the plane.

Nice thing is in my recent travels the bf got us business class seats going over the ocean to London-a long trip from LAX.

Just as we were settling in to the cushy, dentist office like pod seats, a flight attendant came by to store our coats.

That was nice, but OMG! she must have sprayed a whole bottle of some perfume on before she stepped on the plane!  It wasn’t a bad smelling fragrance-but when you’re in that little test-tube for 11 hours – a dab or less will do ya!

I remember a christmas long ago, my boss got me a bottle of Chanel’s Coco and offered the advice – “A dab will do ya!”

Sage words, as over powering smells give me a headache.

I once got a bottle of Fracras-a beautiful jasmine based classic.  I put it on and it got into my sweater.  At the time, I was young enough to go to one of those game centers and hopped into an enclosed ride that simulated space.

Needless to say, 5 minutes later, in the tight little pod-I had a raging headache and was nauseous.

Back to the original story line.

So, even the bf noticed that she had too much perfume on. For him to notice was amazing – he travels in his own little cloud of cologne which he knows also sometimes gives me a headache – but most times I cut him slack,

So I put my nose under the feathery down blanket for the entire time when she would walk by and so would her fragrance.

But really-in this time of holiday gift-giving, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone enclosed the same wise advice of a little is a lot?