Kiehl’s vs Tretonin 10%

I’m not sure if it was from the Fraxel treatment, but post Fraxel, my face skin has been darker than my neck even though I wear sunscreen religiously on my face and not on my neck. I notice it more when I see a full body shot of me in the mirror–tan face even without make up, and paler neck, shoulder etc. skin.

I’ve been using the Power Line Concentrate from Kiehl’s (I”m on my third bottle) and have seen an overall lightening of my facial skin. I did a short round of Obaji which also helped.  I mention the Kiehl’s product because, my Korean friends who are skin fanatics starting commenting about the lightening after I used my first bottle of Kiehl’s.

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

I am now using the newest Kiehl’s promise to lighten dark spots product, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution .  Just to test it, I put the Kiehl’s product using about a half dropper on my face and gently massaged in.  On my foot, I have a sun spot and I applied tretonin 10%.

Day 1, Jan 20,2012 Kiehls vs Tretonin 10%

Let’s see what happens-I’ve been using the product for about 10 days.

Brown Spots BeGone!

Fraxel re:fine treatment for Melasma.Baseline ...

Image by USP Hospitales via Flickr

This is an example of in my pursuit of delivering the best in client service, I agreed to have the Fraxel laser used on me.  The Fraxel, was the new “it” thing in removing brown spots – something that many Asian women in Hawaii are interested in getting rid of, including myself.

The first treatment used the standard application of lidocaine to numb the pain.   The treatment lasted about 20 minutes, and felt pretty painful around the thin skin areas on the temples and cheekbones.  I was swollen for about 5 days, mainly from my reaction to the lidocaine.  My face was very red and puffy.

The second treatment, a mixture of lidocaine and another anesthetic was used and I think my pain tolerance was about the same. However after the redness calmed down, I thought the melasma patches were starting to dissipate.

 This was about the time I got the tv story for my client in which I appeared.  Brown Spots Be Gone! KGMB/KHNL 

The third treatment I received anesthetic shots in my face, which were more painful than the treatment!

I didn’t have more treatment after that-I’m just too much of a pain panty.

The original Fraxel laser marketing materials used a really old Asian woman who had good results. I think it removed some of the melasma, but I wouldn’t do such a harsh procedure again.

From what I have read in various publications since my treatment, if  you’re Asian, it is highly recommended to always err to the side of caution in getting a procedure that might cause inflammation, or as some marketing materials allude to the necessity to, “injure the skin to start the rejuvenation process.”