Masks Aren’t Just for Halloween!

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...

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For the most part, I don’t like to spend a lot of time on my hair.  The easier it is to style the happier I am.  A couple of months ago I found a great new stylist on Yelp Honolulu-she cuts my hair in a way that if I don’t feel like doing any more than sliding some Kitoko oil in it after the shower, it still looks good.   (Though at this point it has decided to be very wavy).

I dropped in at B.O.S.S. beauty supply, located in the Nimitz Business Center near Costco Iwilei, here in Hawaii.  I was looking to pick up another bottle of my Neuma Moisture conditioner. The shampoo is so  concentrated it takes only a dime to lather my really thick long hair.  But for some reason the conditioned is in a smaller container, and finished that before the shampoo is even half empty.


I was talking to Lincoln and was trying to decide on which hair moisture mask to try.  I settled on the Kitoko Hydro-Revive Active Masque since I use the shine oil and LOVE it!  Next morning I washed and towel-dried my hair and applied a couple of tablespoons of the product and wrapped my head in a towel for 5 or so minutes.

Taking it out of the towel it felt very soft and manageable.  I ran some Argan Oil (part of my home product selection) and tousled my hair dry with a blowdryer.  I have to say even on a rainy day my hair was pretty smooth and silky, and did not frizz up.

I understand that after using this product awhile, my hair will continue to improve.  I will keep you posted!