Puffy Eyes? Clouds in My Coffee?

My co-worker and I share the same interest of fending off aging and brown spots with various products.  I was at a fancy cocktail party a few months ago and he and his friend were there–the friend even recommended Garnier rolling ball to get rid of eye puffiness! Did I mention he was a guy? Nope! Caffeine in the product!  I was tooling around today with my 15% off coupon for Sephora and to my lucky stars the Philosophy regional rep was there.  His name was Jeff and he was celebrating a birthday the next day (here in Hawaii)-he volunteered that he was turning 47.  His skin looks great and being caucasian was pretty wrinkle free with very little pigmentation and dark spots.

I say lucky stars because he took me on a tour of Philosophy’s newest products and what they were for, AND offered up himself as a testimonial.

Puffy eyes are something that have been bugging me.  Two weeks ago I went to my eye doc and he said I have blepheritis – which means I have stopped up oil glands which manifests as dry eyes.  He prescribed warm compresses and gentle massage.  I was secretly hoping this would address the bags and puffiness as well.

He also prescribed  these Ocusoft lid scrub pads.  They come wrapped individually. What’s really cool about them is they remove eye make-up, so you can do two jobs at once.  The pads have a little bit of scrubby texture so be gentle!

Philosophy’s product is called Eyes Wide Open-Instant Refreshing and Depuffing Eye Gel.  Jeff applied a small pea size dot of product around the orbital eye area.  Maybe a minute or two later I could feel the caffeine tightening up the area.  It is about 4 hours later and the skin still feels taught.

I am wondering-did my whole face feel this tight when I was younger? Nah.

I have felt compelled to dab some moisturizer on all afternoon because I connect tight and dry together but I have resisted.

All in all, I think my eyes definitely look less puffy and the skin appears tighter.

Right on Philosophy!

4/8/12 Update-

My puffiness has definitely gone away. But I’m not sure if it is the NeriumAD or doing the blepheritis treatment.  I’m on my last day of NeriumAD, so we’ll see if the puffy eyes return to their previous state.