War of the Shower Gels – Fresh vs Aveeno

I really like Fresh’s Nectarine Milk Shower Gel that is sold exclusively through Neiman Marcus here in Honolulu-the fragrance is the best.  But at $18 for a small bottle- it’s a treat.

An added plus is the fragrance isn’t so strong I get a headache, or allergic skin reaction forcing me to shower again to remove the smell or itch.

Oftentimes I will choose something like Dove or Ivory-gentle but kind of blah.

I actually have 3 choices in my shower right now as I write.

Nearing the end of my third bottle of Fresh Nectarine Milk in as many months, I was on the lookout for a new gel.  I was using luxury soaps for years-you know the ones from Provence that cost about $10 a bar, but last a long time.  My favorite is Pineapple scent but it is hard to come by.


I was cruising Long’s Drugstore (a store that was actually named after a gent named Long) and came upon Aveeno’s Positively Nourishing & Hydrating fig and shea butter gel. It’s actually more creamy and suds up really well. It’s not a strong scent, but on days when I am more fragrance sensitive, it’s a little heavy.

On the windward side of the island with its higher humidity and moisture in the air-the Aveeno gel works well without having to lotion up my whole body- I just hit the dry spots on my feet and hands.

I have to put in a disclaimer here because I was apprehensive for a long time about using Aveeno after an extreme allergic reaction to their sunscreen!  Rash for days! Amongst the worst I have ever had!

Sorry for all the ” ! “, but something in their sunscreen is bad – very very bad.

But the gel that’s another story—