Make Me Feel Brand New!

Hillary J has moved herself to a famous studio on Kapahulu Ave. In an abundance of caution I’m not mentioning the actual studio-but if you’re from Honolulu you’ll figure it out!

The cool thing about the salon is the outer space experience of a special hair dryer that to me, a non-hair professional, appears to shine light on the hair to process my gloss color.  The dryer is ionic, and has four paddle like attachments that the stylist moves around to concentrate the heat.  To use it as an actual dryer, then the paddles are moved closer to the head.

While there, I checked out Kevin Aucon’s book, About Makeup-he was so awesome! No one like him.

It’s a comfy place-and I think I will like it there. But of course, Hillary J of Winam Hair Studio is the real attraction for me.  She styled a client before me who had the most beautiful chin length cut-I only wish someday I will be so stylish that I can pull off short hair and tiger claw tats!  Anyway her client looked gorgeous!

As for me, I just went in for my gloss which over the last 4-5 months of getting gloss instead of ammonia color, has greatly improved the texture of my hair.  It’s still wavy but it’s not overly dry, frizzy and looking like I color.  Plus none of that weird band of color stain on my hairline.

My hair and I felt brand new! Neuf Coiffure!


You Make Me Feel Brand New! Happy Juice!

That’s a song isn’t it?

Stylistics circa 1970-s.

Yesterday I had a pause in the action and had my hair done as well as my toes and fingers.

I’m not big on doing mani-pedi’s but once in awhile is ok.  My fingernails are pretty cool au naturelle-so I usually try to keep them filed down.  Mostly, when I’ve been slacking off they grow super long, so by the time I have to put my nose to the grindstone they tap tap tap on the keyboard. Sometimes I get a little frustrated so I just whack them off down to nubs so I can type with lightening speed.

But when it comes to my hair….

For like the last week I’ve been saying to myself I should have booked a week earlier because my glossed hair was getting very long, very fast, and on the last few days I could really see the growth.

So, happily I saw Hillary J, the awesome stylist I found who introduced me to the virtues of using a gloss instead of color for roots (harsh). When I thought about it the other day, I recalled how much product I used to get put in my hair post shampoo and style.

I digress.

I asked Hillary, when was the last time I came? I was trying to think back and I know I had my hair glossed and cut since after I started seeing the blue-eyed man.

Hmmm. It’s been 5 weeks, and I got my hair cut after the first date.

My hair grew nearly an inch in a month!!!

Hillary said she sees this phenomena often when people are in new relationships and really happy.

Makes sense to me.

I’m in a new relationship.

I’m really (super) happy!

Thank goodness the hair is only growing on my head!


Shiny, GLOSSY Hair!

Just did my hair yesterday! Don’t you just love that fresh feeling?!

In my case, I switched over to glossing my dark brown/black hair a few months ago.  My stylist suggested that I do a gloss without color on the roots?  What? I never heard of gloss without color – thing is I started coloring my hair 2 years ago, and when my roots grew out, I would get my roots done, and a gloss every other time.

My stylist, Hillary, explained that using gloss was a really great way to go because hair comes out super shiny, silky, and causes a lot less damage than color.  Plus, when the gloss grows out, your hair looks like it has natural highlights.

One of the best perks (of many) is that the demarcation line between white and color, for however reason is significantly less noticeable.  When I did color touch up, I would get a pretty jarring line and when it was time to go, it was TIME TO GO!

Anyway, the other perk, is my scalp doesn’t seem to be dyed with color, so in my part and around my hairline, I don’t have a dark line, like a fat margin between my skin and hair. That’s really great because prior, when I had a big night out and I had my color done, I’d have that funky line to deal with, scrubbing with soap and a wash cloth leaving a red mark.

Yay! for gloss!  Oh yes, one other thing is that color for dark hair like mine, is the harshest color process – no wonder my hair was so frizzy!

Shine on!