Siren Song aka I Need More Make up Like a Hole in My Head

My name is Kirsten.

I am a skincareandmakeupaholic.

Less than 2 months ago, a friend and I were getting caught up in the fervor of Black Friday, and pre Black Friday, and Purple Thursday, and Pink Saturday and Hangover Monday. My email promotion inbox was going crazy with special offers and super sales for more more more!

I was giddy!

Not only did I buy for myself, I bought for my clients and my friends, saying, with my eyes bulging out of my head like a crazy person, “I can save this for their birthday… year”.


And as Christmas grew closer, I said with steely resolve, “Stop the madness!”

And then yet, another unpassable deal came in my inbox.

I was among the group of shoppers who did not set foot in a mall, except to purchase two of the same shirt for someones on my list.

Even then, they both did not fit.


I am trying really hard to think of what the last deal was that I bought that I just couldn’t not have.  I think it must have been some sephora deal because I have 2 tubes of City Defense and 2 bottles of sunscreen and I am not a hoarder.

And what do I have to show for it?

Nothing that I can easily recall.

A pity story.

A sad story.

Perhaps a state of madness.

And yet, I found myself a week ago watching “reveals” on youtube for the Too Faced Cosmetics mystery bag and feeling non-buyers’ remorse for not jumping at it with my credit card memorized in my head, poised for the next deal.

I feel like I am in my withdrawal state.

Actually looking for something.

I’m even stocked up on hair care. I bought a round blow dry brush.

When I wander the store post holiday-I actually take a mental inventory of everything I have searching for something that I might need.

I read recently that Toys R Us had to temper their online sales promos with their in store promos. The year before, they had such monstrous online shopping that they had to take inventory from their brick stores.

Is this perhaps what happened to sephora? The first days after the holiday, my inbox was void of sephora deals.  Only in the last few days have they started up.

But then, brands like Kiehls and Fresh must have been holiday wanna bees cuz right up to and a little while after, they were still letting me know that there were products to be bought and samples to have.

Even wrote last week that there were lots of coupons but no big gwps yet.

Wanting for nothing and yet still searching.

That’s gotta be so wrong.







The Fight Against Walmart Hair – Kitoko Nutri-Restore Line

I recently switched from PM Shine Gloss which was introduced to me by Hillary J of Winam Studio, to full fledged color.

It was a scary transition because my hair was a mess until I started using gloss.

And gloss plus good hair products kept my hair in great condition for a long time.

But product junky that I am…

Plus, the gloss wasn’t covering my grays as well – and since my grays are in the middle and side parts where everybody notices grow out–I needed a new option.

So far, the color totally works-and I am going a little lighter with the color but gradually.  The color is not applied to my whole head, just my roots plus 4 inches or so down the hair shaft.

I was speaking to a nice lady at BOSS supply, and we talked about how long having dark hair on an aging face and body, made sense and didn’t look odd.

That was a good point – because my gloss shade was pretty much my natural color-but as I approach double-nickels, I thought I’d lighten it up.

This was tried before with highlights and lighter gloss, but from my point of view I ended up looking like a calico with the grow out-black, red and white-calico right?


My fear of getting the horrible dried out frizzy looking hair you see in Walmart horror photos is being addressed with a new cocktail of Kitoko Nutri-Restore products.

I did not realize when I picked up the Cleanser and Balm from BOSS that the shampoo was sudless.  Kind of like those Wen products I guess.

I was expecting a huge lather-but it never appeared.  In fact, I added another squeeze of cleanser and still nothing.  Yet, I felt like my hair was being cleaned.

The balm was much thinner and pretty normal.

I figured I used the PH-Restore product first after towel-drying, followed by Neuma Tangle-Free with UV protection.

Add a dollop of my beloved Orange-Creamsicle-smelling Neuma Styling Cream-and ready for the blow dry plus Neusmooth Illuminating Mist.

I know it’s a lot – but three color treatments later-my hair is in spectaular shape.

I’m sorry I have to say – it’s as great as when I was in 7th grade and had hair down to my jeans pockets-shiny, smooth and no frizzies.

How I do miss those days when I just used Wella Balsam or Fabrege Organics or other $2 shampoo Mom bought me and out the door.


A Hairy Contract-Customer’s Are Free Agents

I’ve been thinking about this in my head for a few months and am ready to write about the topic.

To be direct-why are hair stylists territorial about their customers?

I know gfs who have gone to the same person for pretty much their whole lifetimes. I envy that.

Me, I probably change every couple of years. I’m gun shy in many ways-I’ve been the recipient of a non-requested mullet from 3 stylists who were having a bad day, a fight with their person, or otherwise.

I’ve read in many women’s magazines about how hairstylists feel when they see a customer go to someone else-saying that the customer never gave them a reason why. The customers just slip away and never make another appointment.

Read the tea leaves.

But I’m speaking for myself and this is a build up of years

1) If you are going to add a service, let me know how much it will cost so I can make an informed decision. (Ok this is actually related to a facialist who tells me she is doing something,without asking, and then adds $30 on to my bill).

2) If you are raising rates. Tell me. Don’t surprise me with a bill that is $20 more than what I am used to paying with no explanation.

3) If you want the assistant to do anything more than shampoo my hair. Ask me. I’m not paying your rate for them to do everything and you don’t touch my head. Offer me a lower rate if the apprentice is going to do everything.

4) I’m a customer. I like a personal touch. This is about my personal look-e-everything doesn’t work for me; from reminder texts to scheduling.

5) If you are having a bad day-and not going to snap out of it, let me make a decision to reschedule.

6) If I want to go to someone else for a hair cut or a color, and I still come to you for the other, goodie for me that I get what I want. Goodie for you that you still have business from me.

7) Sometimes I’m just bored and looking for a new flavor.

8) Referrals are gifts and my vote of confidence. More than a couple of times I’ve referred people and they come back to me with a story I don’t want to hear and I feel responsible.

9) Provide a clean restroom.

10) Clean your brushes, scissors and other things that you use on me. It’s gross. Yuck.

Customer loyalty is not rocket science. Treat me well-with the exception of #7, I’ll probably stay.










So, I’m at the gym this morning, and the overhead light is shining on my face as I wash my hands.

Seriously, I see something kind of shiny over my left eyebrow.

Damn, it is a white hair.

My hair turns a very silvery white- and I’m not sure yet if that is lucky in a weird way.

I try to pull it out with my naked fingers, but it’s too slippery to pull out.

Later, tooling around Longs drugstore in search of whatever, I see that Revlon is having an implements sale.  I check out the 4x magnifying mirror and gasp in horror at all of the other unplucked hairs-BESIDES the original shiny white one.

I get home, and I have brand new tweezerman tweezers, yet I have a hard time grabbing many of the hairs using the new 4x mirror.

What does that mean?

Is it possible that the mirror magnifies more than what the tweezer can pluck?

Did the chicken cross the road, or a tree make a sound in the forest?

Other things to ponder while the time ticks by.


Winam Hair Studio – 2nd Crown of Glory

I thought I posted this previously, but I realized I didn’t.

Hillary J of Winam Hair Studio was selected as Hawaii’s representative for the 100 Best Salons in the Country by Elle Magazine for the second time-find the complete listing in the August 2013 issue.  Winam was on Winam Street in Kapahulu when it first won recognition last year, but has since moved to a cool space above the post office in Kaimuki, on Kokohead Avenue.

Hillary is the stylist and owner, and on any given day the salon has a comfortable, people chilling and hanging out vibe.  She has a new website,, or find her on yelp–she has over 100, 4 star ratings by happy clients.  She takes appointments on, which makes it easy to choose whether you are having a green cut, gloss, highlights, cut etc.

WinamStudio HawaiiI originally found HJ on yelp myself.  The photo gallery had a woman with hair similar looking to mine-thick and heavy strands, and I went in citing photo #70.

For early morning risers, Winam is now taking appointments at 430am! The 5am’s are booked, so since HJ gets up early…


Just for Men? A Shiny Experience

So, it was time for covering the gray-and I had mentioned to Hillary Julliette of Winam Studio I wanted to do something different, go a little lighter.

Thing is, since PM Shine Gloss, the product I’ve had to cover my gray for 1.5 years doesn’t lighten- she let me in on her own secret.

The secret is a product that she uses on men, that basically does the same thing as a gloss, but only takes 10 minutes to process. Hmmm-why? Because men are less into chit chatting while in the chair? Who knows.


This new product does not harm your hair like color. Color goes into your hair and changes it so you see a color change.  Gloss sits on top of your hair – for me, it’s been just as permanent as color.  It doesn’t wash out, and even better it doesn’t get dingy after a couple of weeks. And it covers my gray.

So–the deal is, when my hair grows out, the new product gloss will be a little lighter and be like highlights without the chemical processing that highlights require.

Your natural color is still there – just with highlights. I don’t think my graying hair pattern is going to be gloriously beautiful like some lucky people get–so this works for me.

As I write this, I am picturing an old school chum who has awesome white hair–doesn’t hurt that he’s hot.

Hot at 50-ish.

It’s a good thing.


Oil in Your Hair?

Note, I didn’t say oily hair.

Once upon a time, I had shiny shiny jet black hair, pretty straight, maybe just a hint of a wave.

As I aged (ugh) my hair got frizzier and frizzier and really felt crispy dry and this was before I started coloring! Ack!

I had been using S-Factor products to smash my hair into submission-loved the smell of the shampoo, conditioner and smoothing cream.

Also, tried Bedhead’s After Party with the totally ‘unique’ packaging. Loved that too.  Used Paul Mitchell’s Shine Serum too. I like the Aveda product but it has that herbal smell I don’t like.  I also bought a moroccan oil based product cream for smoothing and it fell flat-add to that the coconut oil product I used and tossed. Sometimes I use these creamy products to shave my legs or put them on my feet – might as well not waste.

Every few months or so, Lincoln W. from B.O.S.S. Beauty Supply visits us at the Honolulu Club.  He’s great – so experienced in the hair biz and a nice guy! He has great hair as well – lucky!

Lincoln recommended the Neuma moisturizing products-I tried the samples he gave me – and they were fantastic.

They really tamed my frizzy head. And organic!  I had gotten samples of Alterna and even bought the Alterna products at a retail store – for whatever reason my hair really did not like the products so I returned them.

And then there is Kitoko Oil.

Kitoko Oil is the wonder product and I fully give it props for getting my hair back into silky condition. Along with Neuma’s moisturizing shampoo and conditioner-all recommended by Lincoln W. of B.O.S.S. beauty supply in Honolulu!

Kitoko Oil is based on Karite Oil which is extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. Add to that Argan Oil and Vitamins A&E plus it smells great!

I’ve tried Neuma’s Argan Oil and although I like it, I think Kitoko is the winning combination plus it provides UV filters. For people living in sunny climates and those who color, or in my case gloss my hair, UV is an appreciated benefit.

Anyway.  Kitoko Oil works on all types of hair.

Try it you might like it!


The Case for A Little MakeUp-Moving Looks

I recently moved. And then, I moved again!  In June, I moved from one place to another, and then last month I moved again.

I get along with my now-former bf. The first was one reason, the second move was for myself.  Anyway…

My experience in June.  My hair is long so I put it up in two high ponytails and then twirled them around so they are little buns-kind of that Chinese doll look.  I thought it did the job of getting my hair out of the way, stayed in place, and when I took it down, gave me nice swirly waves.

I had my moving outfit on–shorts and a t-shirt and platform slippers and went to the bank.  The guy at the counter was new, young and looked slightly metro.  He looked at me in disbelief-like I had rollers in my hair.  I said, “I’m moving-this works for me.”

Obviously, for a guy 25 years younger than me, it didn’t.

So many weeks later, I went back in, dolled up for an appointment and had the same guy.  This guy really needs to hide his facial reactions.  This time, he looked at me like I must be in his ballpark age range, because his reaction was like, “Wow!”.  Instead of….

Hardy har ha.

So I moved again a few weeks ago. Mostly in my dance togs as I would load up my car and bring it back into “town”. I moved stealthily in the mid morning when only the neighbor with the twin stroller was going in and out.

So, there is no big story on my second move, but I did avoid the bank teller!

The case for being a little madeUp is-when you don’t want to be noticed, they notice.  And when you want to be noticed, they notice, so put your best face forward…for yourself of course!

Look for the red fingernails coming soon!


Shiny, GLOSSY Hair!

Just did my hair yesterday! Don’t you just love that fresh feeling?!

In my case, I switched over to glossing my dark brown/black hair a few months ago.  My stylist suggested that I do a gloss without color on the roots?  What? I never heard of gloss without color – thing is I started coloring my hair 2 years ago, and when my roots grew out, I would get my roots done, and a gloss every other time.

My stylist, Hillary, explained that using gloss was a really great way to go because hair comes out super shiny, silky, and causes a lot less damage than color.  Plus, when the gloss grows out, your hair looks like it has natural highlights.

One of the best perks (of many) is that the demarcation line between white and color, for however reason is significantly less noticeable.  When I did color touch up, I would get a pretty jarring line and when it was time to go, it was TIME TO GO!

Anyway, the other perk, is my scalp doesn’t seem to be dyed with color, so in my part and around my hairline, I don’t have a dark line, like a fat margin between my skin and hair. That’s really great because prior, when I had a big night out and I had my color done, I’d have that funky line to deal with, scrubbing with soap and a wash cloth leaving a red mark.

Yay! for gloss!  Oh yes, one other thing is that color for dark hair like mine, is the harshest color process – no wonder my hair was so frizzy!

Shine on!


Masks Aren’t Just for Halloween!

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...

Image via Wikipedia

For the most part, I don’t like to spend a lot of time on my hair.  The easier it is to style the happier I am.  A couple of months ago I found a great new stylist on Yelp Honolulu-she cuts my hair in a way that if I don’t feel like doing any more than sliding some Kitoko oil in it after the shower, it still looks good.   (Though at this point it has decided to be very wavy).

I dropped in at B.O.S.S. beauty supply, located in the Nimitz Business Center near Costco Iwilei, here in Hawaii.  I was looking to pick up another bottle of my Neuma Moisture conditioner. The shampoo is so  concentrated it takes only a dime to lather my really thick long hair.  But for some reason the conditioned is in a smaller container, and finished that before the shampoo is even half empty.


I was talking to Lincoln and was trying to decide on which hair moisture mask to try.  I settled on the Kitoko Hydro-Revive Active Masque since I use the shine oil and LOVE it!  Next morning I washed and towel-dried my hair and applied a couple of tablespoons of the product and wrapped my head in a towel for 5 or so minutes.

Taking it out of the towel it felt very soft and manageable.  I ran some Argan Oil (part of my home product selection) and tousled my hair dry with a blowdryer.  I have to say even on a rainy day my hair was pretty smooth and silky, and did not frizz up.

I understand that after using this product awhile, my hair will continue to improve.  I will keep you posted!