A Hairy Contract-Customer’s Are Free Agents

I’ve been thinking about this in my head for a few months and am ready to write about the topic.

To be direct-why are hair stylists territorial about their customers?

I know gfs who have gone to the same person for pretty much their whole lifetimes. I envy that.

Me, I probably change every couple of years. I’m gun shy in many ways-I’ve been the recipient of a non-requested mullet from 3 stylists who were having a bad day, a fight with their person, or otherwise.

I’ve read in many women’s magazines about how hairstylists feel when they see a customer go to someone else-saying that the customer never gave them a reason why. The customers just slip away and never make another appointment.

Read the tea leaves.

But I’m speaking for myself and this is a build up of years

1) If you are going to add a service, let me know how much it will cost so I can make an informed decision. (Ok this is actually related to a facialist who tells me she is doing something,without asking, and then adds $30 on to my bill).

2) If you are raising rates. Tell me. Don’t surprise me with a bill that is $20 more than what I am used to paying with no explanation.

3) If you want the assistant to do anything more than shampoo my hair. Ask me. I’m not paying your rate for them to do everything and you don’t touch my head. Offer me a lower rate if the apprentice is going to do everything.

4) I’m a customer. I like a personal touch. This is about my personal look-e-everything doesn’t work for me; from reminder texts to scheduling.

5) If you are having a bad day-and not going to snap out of it, let me make a decision to reschedule.

6) If I want to go to someone else for a hair cut or a color, and I still come to you for the other, goodie for me that I get what I want. Goodie for you that you still have business from me.

7) Sometimes I’m just bored and looking for a new flavor.

8) Referrals are gifts and my vote of confidence. More than a couple of times I’ve referred people and they come back to me with a story I don’t want to hear and I feel responsible.

9) Provide a clean restroom.

10) Clean your brushes, scissors and other things that you use on me. It’s gross. Yuck.

Customer loyalty is not rocket science. Treat me well-with the exception of #7, I’ll probably stay.










The New Bang


Bangs have a life time of about 2 weeks – especially if they are long bangs.  You know the type that are brushed kind of to the side for that peek-a-boo look.

Just went to see Hillary J (of Winam Hair Salon fame) who is currently taking care of her clients out of Billy Fong’s on Kapahulu Ave.

Hillary J. is worth following around for the pure enjoyment of the talk story. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before she pretty much brought my hair back from a dry, frizzy mess from color treatment to shiny, glossy. Really shiny, really glossy.

Be on the look out for any developments!



Make Me Feel Brand New!

Hillary J has moved herself to a famous studio on Kapahulu Ave. In an abundance of caution I’m not mentioning the actual studio-but if you’re from Honolulu you’ll figure it out!

The cool thing about the salon is the outer space experience of a special hair dryer that to me, a non-hair professional, appears to shine light on the hair to process my gloss color.  The dryer is ionic, and has four paddle like attachments that the stylist moves around to concentrate the heat.  To use it as an actual dryer, then the paddles are moved closer to the head.

While there, I checked out Kevin Aucon’s book, About Makeup-he was so awesome! No one like him.

It’s a comfy place-and I think I will like it there. But of course, Hillary J of Winam Hair Studio is the real attraction for me.  She styled a client before me who had the most beautiful chin length cut-I only wish someday I will be so stylish that I can pull off short hair and tiger claw tats!  Anyway her client looked gorgeous!

As for me, I just went in for my gloss which over the last 4-5 months of getting gloss instead of ammonia color, has greatly improved the texture of my hair.  It’s still wavy but it’s not overly dry, frizzy and looking like I color.  Plus none of that weird band of color stain on my hairline.

My hair and I felt brand new! Neuf Coiffure!


Shiny, GLOSSY Hair!

Just did my hair yesterday! Don’t you just love that fresh feeling?!

In my case, I switched over to glossing my dark brown/black hair a few months ago.  My stylist suggested that I do a gloss without color on the roots?  What? I never heard of gloss without color – thing is I started coloring my hair 2 years ago, and when my roots grew out, I would get my roots done, and a gloss every other time.

My stylist, Hillary, explained that using gloss was a really great way to go because hair comes out super shiny, silky, and causes a lot less damage than color.  Plus, when the gloss grows out, your hair looks like it has natural highlights.

One of the best perks (of many) is that the demarcation line between white and color, for however reason is significantly less noticeable.  When I did color touch up, I would get a pretty jarring line and when it was time to go, it was TIME TO GO!

Anyway, the other perk, is my scalp doesn’t seem to be dyed with color, so in my part and around my hairline, I don’t have a dark line, like a fat margin between my skin and hair. That’s really great because prior, when I had a big night out and I had my color done, I’d have that funky line to deal with, scrubbing with soap and a wash cloth leaving a red mark.

Yay! for gloss!  Oh yes, one other thing is that color for dark hair like mine, is the harshest color process – no wonder my hair was so frizzy!

Shine on!