A Hairy Contract-Customer’s Are Free Agents

I’ve been thinking about this in my head for a few months and am ready to write about the topic.

To be direct-why are hair stylists territorial about their customers?

I know gfs who have gone to the same person for pretty much their whole lifetimes. I envy that.

Me, I probably change every couple of years. I’m gun shy in many ways-I’ve been the recipient of a non-requested mullet from 3 stylists who were having a bad day, a fight with their person, or otherwise.

I’ve read in many women’s magazines about how hairstylists feel when they see a customer go to someone else-saying that the customer never gave them a reason why. The customers just slip away and never make another appointment.

Read the tea leaves.

But I’m speaking for myself and this is a build up of years

1) If you are going to add a service, let me know how much it will cost so I can make an informed decision. (Ok this is actually related to a facialist who tells me she is doing something,without asking, and then adds $30 on to my bill).

2) If you are raising rates. Tell me. Don’t surprise me with a bill that is $20 more than what I am used to paying with no explanation.

3) If you want the assistant to do anything more than shampoo my hair. Ask me. I’m not paying your rate for them to do everything and you don’t touch my head. Offer me a lower rate if the apprentice is going to do everything.

4) I’m a customer. I like a personal touch. This is about my personal look-e-everything doesn’t work for me; from reminder texts to scheduling.

5) If you are having a bad day-and not going to snap out of it, let me make a decision to reschedule.

6) If I want to go to someone else for a hair cut or a color, and I still come to you for the other, goodie for me that I get what I want. Goodie for you that you still have business from me.

7) Sometimes I’m just bored and looking for a new flavor.

8) Referrals are gifts and my vote of confidence. More than a couple of times I’ve referred people and they come back to me with a story I don’t want to hear and I feel responsible.

9) Provide a clean restroom.

10) Clean your brushes, scissors and other things that you use on me. It’s gross. Yuck.

Customer loyalty is not rocket science. Treat me well-with the exception of #7, I’ll probably stay.










Oil in Your Hair?

Note, I didn’t say oily hair.

Once upon a time, I had shiny shiny jet black hair, pretty straight, maybe just a hint of a wave.

As I aged (ugh) my hair got frizzier and frizzier and really felt crispy dry and this was before I started coloring! Ack!

I had been using S-Factor products to smash my hair into submission-loved the smell of the shampoo, conditioner and smoothing cream.

Also, tried Bedhead’s After Party with the totally ‘unique’ packaging. Loved that too.  Used Paul Mitchell’s Shine Serum too. I like the Aveda product but it has that herbal smell I don’t like.  I also bought a moroccan oil based product cream for smoothing and it fell flat-add to that the coconut oil product I used and tossed. Sometimes I use these creamy products to shave my legs or put them on my feet – might as well not waste.

Every few months or so, Lincoln W. from B.O.S.S. Beauty Supply visits us at the Honolulu Club.  He’s great – so experienced in the hair biz and a nice guy! He has great hair as well – lucky!

Lincoln recommended the Neuma moisturizing products-I tried the samples he gave me – and they were fantastic.

They really tamed my frizzy head. And organic!  I had gotten samples of Alterna and even bought the Alterna products at a retail store – for whatever reason my hair really did not like the products so I returned them.

And then there is Kitoko Oil.

Kitoko Oil is the wonder product and I fully give it props for getting my hair back into silky condition. Along with Neuma’s moisturizing shampoo and conditioner-all recommended by Lincoln W. of B.O.S.S. beauty supply in Honolulu!

Kitoko Oil is based on Karite Oil which is extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. Add to that Argan Oil and Vitamins A&E plus it smells great!

I’ve tried Neuma’s Argan Oil and although I like it, I think Kitoko is the winning combination plus it provides UV filters. For people living in sunny climates and those who color, or in my case gloss my hair, UV is an appreciated benefit.

Anyway.  Kitoko Oil works on all types of hair.

Try it you might like it!


You Make Me Feel Brand New! Happy Juice!

That’s a song isn’t it?

Stylistics circa 1970-s.

Yesterday I had a pause in the action and had my hair done as well as my toes and fingers.

I’m not big on doing mani-pedi’s but once in awhile is ok.  My fingernails are pretty cool au naturelle-so I usually try to keep them filed down.  Mostly, when I’ve been slacking off they grow super long, so by the time I have to put my nose to the grindstone they tap tap tap on the keyboard. Sometimes I get a little frustrated so I just whack them off down to nubs so I can type with lightening speed.

But when it comes to my hair….

For like the last week I’ve been saying to myself I should have booked a week earlier because my glossed hair was getting very long, very fast, and on the last few days I could really see the growth.

So, happily I saw Hillary J, the awesome stylist I found who introduced me to the virtues of using a gloss instead of color for roots (harsh). When I thought about it the other day, I recalled how much product I used to get put in my hair post shampoo and style.

I digress.

I asked Hillary, when was the last time I came? I was trying to think back and I know I had my hair glossed and cut since after I started seeing the blue-eyed man.

Hmmm. It’s been 5 weeks, and I got my hair cut after the first date.

My hair grew nearly an inch in a month!!!

Hillary said she sees this phenomena often when people are in new relationships and really happy.

Makes sense to me.

I’m in a new relationship.

I’m really (super) happy!

Thank goodness the hair is only growing on my head!


Shiny, GLOSSY Hair!

Just did my hair yesterday! Don’t you just love that fresh feeling?!

In my case, I switched over to glossing my dark brown/black hair a few months ago.  My stylist suggested that I do a gloss without color on the roots?  What? I never heard of gloss without color – thing is I started coloring my hair 2 years ago, and when my roots grew out, I would get my roots done, and a gloss every other time.

My stylist, Hillary, explained that using gloss was a really great way to go because hair comes out super shiny, silky, and causes a lot less damage than color.  Plus, when the gloss grows out, your hair looks like it has natural highlights.

One of the best perks (of many) is that the demarcation line between white and color, for however reason is significantly less noticeable.  When I did color touch up, I would get a pretty jarring line and when it was time to go, it was TIME TO GO!

Anyway, the other perk, is my scalp doesn’t seem to be dyed with color, so in my part and around my hairline, I don’t have a dark line, like a fat margin between my skin and hair. That’s really great because prior, when I had a big night out and I had my color done, I’d have that funky line to deal with, scrubbing with soap and a wash cloth leaving a red mark.

Yay! for gloss!  Oh yes, one other thing is that color for dark hair like mine, is the harshest color process – no wonder my hair was so frizzy!

Shine on!


Cocktails Anyone?

One thing about getting older, er, two things about getting older are; white/gray hair and in my case, frizziness.

Gone are the days I used the generic detergent they call shampoo at the Honolulu Club, and at the time, I didn’t bother with conditioner. But I digress….

The first shampoo I used was S-Factor, then on to Bio-something, Bedhead, and Alterna-all salon shampoos. (There’s a website I will post later that lists all the harsh ingredients in these products and basically how toxic they are).  Then, I met Lincoln, a hair product supplier one day, and he gave me a sample of Neuma Shampoo and Conditioner.  Neuma products are organic, smell great and cleanse without harsh detergents.  Add to that, Kitoko Oil–something that smells amazing wonderful great, and makes my hair really shiny. I had tried Moroccan Oil (stinky) and Argan Oil (too thick), but Kitoko oil, a UK product, had me with the fragrance.  You know with long hair, waving it around and smelling my hair is a habit I’ve had since 7th grade.

Neuma Product Line Up

But I’m supposed to talk about cocktails–I went to B.O.S.S., Lincoln’s storefront, to purchase refills of shampoo and conditioner.  He just happened to be there and introduced me to the idea of a “cocktail”.  Five drops of Kitoko oil, couple spritz of Neuma mousse, style extender and 3 squirts of blow dry lotion and woila!

Normally, this is waaaaaayyy too much effort – but this is the only thing I have used on my hair that makes it feel like it did when I was in 7th grade-no frizzes, really shiny and strong feeling strands.

The Neuma products are a high recommend from me if you’ve been coloring, highlighting, flat ironing and otherwise damaging your hair with chemicals.  Nearly everyday I see over-processed hair, and I just think maybe I’ll just say, “Time for a cocktail!”