Hair Where I Want It – Kitoko Age Prevent Scalp Tonic

As if there is no uncovered frontier.

Going on a year or more, the bf has been using Revivogen to coax his balding pate back.  Prior to that he was the man with an entire handful of hair goo to coax his “Jewfro” into submission.  When you pulled a curl out to its full glory – it reached well past his shoulders.  Everyday he would take almost 20 minutes to put a conditioner on to tame the frizzies, then a CUPPED handful of gel to wrap the curls into what I used to call a “bun” or maybe a nest of hair which was aka a curly mullet.


Fast forward, after using Revivogen’s natural herbal based alternative to Minoxidal and Rogaine, a regimen of treatment shampoo, conditioner and leave on serum, the fur is back on his crown, and narrowing the gap between the sides on the op of his heads.  I believe his pattern of baldness, without aid would eventually become the “Friar Tuck” style.

Back to moi.

So, Mom has been thinning on her crown for a number of years. But having come from the Japanese gene pool, thinning is like going from a thicket to a forest.  Nevertheless this is an ongoing concern which tho thinner it is not readily apparent, and if it was my own pattern on the back of my head, I wouldn’t even notice and would not do anything about it.

This is because, I never use a mirror to look at the back of my hair stylings.


Unless the hair stylist wants me to look.

Because I started to thin in the front of my scalp. it was hard to deny what was going on.  When I would stand under a bright light in front of a mirror, I could not deny that my hair was thinning.

I, of the long thick, horse hair locks.

The problem for me about using Revivogen, which is totally proven to me before my very eyes, is, the serum smells like sesame oil (to me).

It’s not a bad smell – it’s just a smell I don’t like.

Hunting for a b day present and needing a refill of Kitoko Hydro-Revive shampoo and conditioner from Lincoln Whang’s BOSS Beauty Supply, part of me was thinking of buying a set of Revivogen for myself.

Lincoln had mentioned Kitoko’s Age Prevent Scalp Tonic before, but knowing how rigid the bf is……

Well here’s the results of my using the product-basically using the applicator which has a thin tip to apply the product to the areas that is thinning (on clean, damp hair).

March 28 – Before


After, May 9


I’m really careful to avoid letting the product drip onto my forehead and I apply my foundation and skincare prior to doing the hair thing.  The last thing I need is more hair where I don’t want it!

Kitoko products are not easily found- I think when I started using them and searching for info on the internet, they didn’t have much of a web presence.

Even now, on their site, this product is not even on it.

Find it at Lincoln’s BOSS Beauty Supply in the Nimitiz Business Center – 2.5 fl oz is $24 for BOSS members.

Check out the rest of the selection of Kitoko, Neuma and Saphira products.

Your hair on your head will thank you.



I’ll Follow YOU!


So you guys know how I give a lot of credit to Hillary J for getting my hair back to a healthy condition via using vegetable gloss to color the gray, instead of using “color” and harsh, drying dye?

Hillary J will be opening her own location on Kokohead Avenue in Kaimuki – near Jose’s Mexican Cafe & Cantina.

It will echo a lot of Winam Hair Studio’s zen like quality – not so far out like you’ll hear tinkling bells and incense, but a mellow atmosphere is planned.

I might miss the spaceship contraption at Billy F.’s for setting in my gloss, but that’s ok, the gloss stayed in before and will again!


The New Bang


Bangs have a life time of about 2 weeks – especially if they are long bangs.  You know the type that are brushed kind of to the side for that peek-a-boo look.

Just went to see Hillary J (of Winam Hair Salon fame) who is currently taking care of her clients out of Billy Fong’s on Kapahulu Ave.

Hillary J. is worth following around for the pure enjoyment of the talk story. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before she pretty much brought my hair back from a dry, frizzy mess from color treatment to shiny, glossy. Really shiny, really glossy.

Be on the look out for any developments!



Oooh My Hair Is So Silky!

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...

Image via Wikipedia

Ever wonder why when your hairstylist does your hair it is exceptionally soft and silky?  When you go home and use the exact same salon shampoo and conditioner, and other prescribed products, it doesn’t quite get to that smooth like silk perfection?

I asked an industry insider that very question and the answer was pretty simple.  When stylists condition your hair, they often squirt in silkening products that contact dimethicone.  Dimethicone is a non-water soluble substance belonging to the silicon family. (Source.

Ehow goes on to mention that if used continually, one should use clarifying shampoo every 10-14 days to avoid build up.

I’m going to try my Neuma Moisture Conditioner with a few drops of Kitoko oil and see what happens, will report back later.