Brush On! For Heavy Thick Hair!

So, unfortunately for me, my hairstylist Hillary J or Winam Studio got the flu and had to cancel my appt for root coverage.

I was going away on a trip, so time was of the essence. So I racked my brain for an idea for someone who had nice hair who wouldn’t mind giving a referral.

Turns out, it popped into my head that hair guru, Lincoln Whang of Boss Beauty Supply mentioned his website was  I went there once with the bf when he got his hair cut, and knew they were in Restaurant Row, moving from Manoa.

Sherry (sp) had time that day and took my white hair on.  I think she misheard me on whether I wanted to do Paul Mitchell’s PM Shine or try out their ammonia-free semi-permanent brand, Affinage. She went ahead with the PM.

She washed out the color with Neuma’s minty shampoo and conditioner for clarifying-it really feels refreshing, and blow dried my hair.

The cool thing was, she was using a brush that was a cross between a paddle, vent, and roll brush. Made out of plastic, without boar bristles. My hair in wet condition, is really heavy, and a pain in the *ss to dry.  I usually use my fingers and rake my hair dry.


She finished off with a round brush and woila! Just like I was 14 with all black hair!

I wanted one of her brushes, but took off for LA the next day.

While in Los Angels, I saw a beauty supply store, and it was pretty amazing. The shop had a focus on hair products, but also had Ahava and other beauty brands.

I was happy to find a very similar brush–I had a choice of the with and without boar bristles, so I chose without.

Very happy with the brush–it has a little bend so I flip my ends a bit-so I look more finished.

Definitely my favorite brush for 2014!


The New Bang


Bangs have a life time of about 2 weeks – especially if they are long bangs.  You know the type that are brushed kind of to the side for that peek-a-boo look.

Just went to see Hillary J (of Winam Hair Salon fame) who is currently taking care of her clients out of Billy Fong’s on Kapahulu Ave.

Hillary J. is worth following around for the pure enjoyment of the talk story. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before she pretty much brought my hair back from a dry, frizzy mess from color treatment to shiny, glossy. Really shiny, really glossy.

Be on the look out for any developments!



You Make Me Feel Brand New! Happy Juice!

That’s a song isn’t it?

Stylistics circa 1970-s.

Yesterday I had a pause in the action and had my hair done as well as my toes and fingers.

I’m not big on doing mani-pedi’s but once in awhile is ok.  My fingernails are pretty cool au naturelle-so I usually try to keep them filed down.  Mostly, when I’ve been slacking off they grow super long, so by the time I have to put my nose to the grindstone they tap tap tap on the keyboard. Sometimes I get a little frustrated so I just whack them off down to nubs so I can type with lightening speed.

But when it comes to my hair….

For like the last week I’ve been saying to myself I should have booked a week earlier because my glossed hair was getting very long, very fast, and on the last few days I could really see the growth.

So, happily I saw Hillary J, the awesome stylist I found who introduced me to the virtues of using a gloss instead of color for roots (harsh). When I thought about it the other day, I recalled how much product I used to get put in my hair post shampoo and style.

I digress.

I asked Hillary, when was the last time I came? I was trying to think back and I know I had my hair glossed and cut since after I started seeing the blue-eyed man.

Hmmm. It’s been 5 weeks, and I got my hair cut after the first date.

My hair grew nearly an inch in a month!!!

Hillary said she sees this phenomena often when people are in new relationships and really happy.

Makes sense to me.

I’m in a new relationship.

I’m really (super) happy!

Thank goodness the hair is only growing on my head!