Shine Bright Like A Saphire-Saphira Shampoo and Conditioner

Or maybe shine bright like a diamond-sorry I’ve been on this streak of getting blog title inspiration from music.

But Saphira Nutritious Shampoo and Mineral Mud mask made my hair seriously silky, felt very clean and smelled exotic in a good way.

Saphira hair products are distributed and sold locally at BOSS Beauty Supply on Nimitz Highway here in Hawaii. Chief Hair Guru Lincoln Whang started bringing these dead-sea mineral based products in to satisfy the demand for natural hair products that avoid paraben and paraffin waxes and other chemicals that aren’t great for your hair.


That just means extra stuff.

I don’t know about you, but some conditioners, when I am rinsing them out in the shower, definitely feel like they are leaving a coating on my hair. To note, the Nexxus conditioner and Alba organics Coconut conditioner are guilty of this feeling. I continue to use the Alba product because it smells good and my hair is very silky but my hair doesn’t feel clean very long.


Made in Israel, Saphira products have Moroccan Dead Sea formula plus argan oil and 26 minerals from the Dead Sea.

I’ve never tried Ahava’s hair products, but having used their dead sea mask on sore areas of my body, there is something to those dead sea minerals that tingle when applied.

The Mud Mask can be used on your face too. I’ve used it as a conditioner but have not left it on for the 4-5 minutes as suggested.

Nevertheless my hair is shiny and silky.  The fragrance is a little strong-but not crazy strong.  It reminds me Morocco-little bit like incense, but like flowers.

You have to smell it yourself I guess.