Flat No More!

Errrrr-maybe in my case, less wavy is more accurate.

In almost all things I am considered a laggard when people are put into marketing groups.

You know – there’s the people that stand in line at the Apple store to be the first to get the first next thing – Early Adapters.

Then there are people like me who is still using a 3GS–and I got that for 99 cents! Laggards.

So, it takes me a million years to get in the groove when it comes to gadgets.

So…………….I finally broke down and got a flat iron.

I have long admired my girlfriends who have similar Asian wavy hair that they tame into control with their flat irons.  One friend ballroom dances competitively and it is so cool when she flat irons her hair and then she slicks into a pony tail for competition.

Hillary J of the WInan Studio can blow my hair dry almost as straight-and then other times she finishes it off with a flat iron.

I finally broke down and got a flat iron the other day—and when my veggie gloss color allowed me to wash and dry my hair, tried out my new gadget.

I tried the tap tap tap technique Hillary J taught me – I did ok for the first time out.

But I definitely need more practice.

Either that or I need to go to one of those blow dry bars to have my hair blown out.