The Housewives of WhereEver!

Really, do these women think they look good?  I know they have to shovel the makeup on for HD cameras but they are nuts if they think they look good!

The HW of Atlanta airs with the most frequency in the Hawaii market–that woman Kim, is tardy to her own party! She’s in her 30-s and she looks 50!

I don’t usually rag on people, but I’m a huge Bravo fan so I really get annoyed with only the option of seeing a HW show, be it Miami, New York or wherever.

But then you’d have to think, what would HW of Honolulu be like?  I’m a freelancer so I’m able to go to the gym the same time all of the HW of Honolulu go. I have to admit I envy their lives-go to the gym and workout, yap with friends over coffee in the lounge,  go to lunch, and then pick up the kids from school. What a nice life.

But I’d probably get bored.  I was married and did about a year of that life going to theatre classes and working out.  I got bored so I took  two part-time jobs.  One in an aerobic/dance clothes store, and the other at an advertising agency in the media department. I got divorced after that and when to the CBS tv station.

I was doing very well at the CBS tv station in sales, and I got harassed by a male manager ( who was chased out of the Honolulu market afar his contract was up) so I went on sabbatical for 3 months.  At first it was fun and I really needed the relief from stress.  At the 2 month mark, I was again really bored, so I resigned and took a job that eventually led me to the path of freelancing for the last 10 years!

Back to HW tho.

My mom was a career housewife and still is.  Everyday she roller-skates around the kitchen making breakfast, cleaning up, making lunch, cleaning up, a little computer time and maybe a nap, and making dinner and cleaning up.  My dad helps her out nowadays, so it’s a little easier at dinner. But she also cleans up the house, dad vacuums and I try to help out in the house and the yard when I visit.

Working women and mothers in Hawaii are total heroes.  The quality of our public schools is really terrible so to get their kids ahead in life, there is a very large percentage of women who work full-time and sometimes more to pay for tuition to private schools. Then they come home and many cook dinner and do chores. I’m sure the kids and hubs help out, but I think in my experience of my friends most of them carry the weight.

So what’s the point to this post?  I think that Bravo should retire the HW genre-it’s negative to women in general, and people choose their own paths in life whether they are a housewife and happy or unhappy, or on the career path, and happy or unhappy, or a freelancer who is pretty damn happy.

And I really don’t like their makeup.