Plane Strategies

I hate being on the plane. Ok with the exception of international first class where you can lay all the way down in your own little pod

That’s a rarity.

But going to the us mainland for a jaunt to la or sfo-well it’s pretty hard to like the experience even in first class which ain’t no thang for short flights. Last la trip it just meant a bigger seat albeit lumpy and worn.

Ok don’t complain!

On the days prior to flight I make sure I don’t do anything that dries out my skin like retin a or salycylic acid.

Instead I make sure I get a lot of fluid and eat veggies and moist food with lots of water. I treat my skin to moisturizing products for my face and body. Like doing a honey sugar scrub for the body and claims flash balm for the face. I also avoid red meat it clogs the system.

My friend recommended wellness formula which I have taken for the last few days.

So the morning of (if it’s a late flight I cleanse and reapply). I start w a spritz of collagen encouraging murad spray toner followed by a hydrating serum. Then cerave moisturizing sunscreen. It’s a hard call on whether I should have done Kiehls rosa Artica but I like variety.

Even on the plane you need sunscreen so next is Bobbi brown SPF 50.

All the celebs advise they wear no makeup and wear sunglasses upon arrival. I wear my glasses which are big frames w uv lenses.

But I don’t believe them on the no makeup thing.

I put on laura mercier radiance primer followed by her tinted moisturizer. I like a little Clinique super primer in pink to smooth me out.

I use lip liner in a soft color followed by clear balm.

I make sure my brows stay on by using pencil followed by light powder.

I use cream blush in a soft peach by Bobbi.

Eyes I go easy. Really my normal routine of urban decay anti aging primer, laura mercier guava powder to brighten and clarins liner in marine blue. Then one cost of Mac intense mascara.

In flight I have a vit c spritz by dermalogica.

Sounds like a lot but that’s for a 5 hour flight.

For a 10+ flight I go heavy w moisture using Bobbi brown extra moisturizing cream balm. It’s really heavy and the face gets shiny but my face survived a flight from hawaii to Rome without drying out. Worr the same throughout the very sunny hot trip and it was fine.

I wish I could sleep on the plane but I never do.