Brown Spot Under My Eye! Philosophy Miracle Worker

Yesterday–I also looked at and bought Philosophy’s Miracle Worker, Dark Spot Corrector.  Jeff, the regional rep told me no other product on the market works on dark spots in 5 ways at the same time.  I think what he was saying is a product that contains hydroquinone only bleaches the spot, a product like kojic acid prevents melatonin from forming and so on. I think everybody here knows this stuff?  

That’s why you have to do a whole regimen like Obaji-I bet if Dr O wanted to he could probably formulate something that didn’t include all of those steps ( and ends up costing the consumer more).  His active products are the hydroquinone to bleach, the salicylic acid to exfoliate and the vitamin A to “rejuvenate” with antioxidants (which when I read that I’m thinking what? Sounds like their job is to fight free radicals.)


I’m still working on the brown spots under my eye which appear to be fairly common.  I see it a lot in Hawaii–not sure if it’s because of wearing sunglasses all the time that don’t cover that area or what.

The Kiehl’s product (Clearly Corrective) made them smaller but did not completely remove the brown spots under my eyes. I’ve said in a post before I’m not interested in buying bottle after bottle of stuff unless it really does work ( a rarity).

Jeff, pointed to a freckle like spot on his nose, about the size of a half a soy bean and said that he had been using the product for a week and a half and thought he saw it “breaking up”.

His skin in caucasian so we will see.  Not everything is formulated for all skin types-laughably companies like Clinique are trying to make it a market position by claiming their lightening products work on skin other than caucasian. Shame on their advertising agency.

This is a night time product.  It has a soft consistency in a pump style bottle-the cream is tan in color.  It took me a bit to identify what I think is in it, I’d say yeast. Over the years I have read about yeast used as a lightener. I read the reviews on sephora and  it looks like it’s one of those products that work on some people and not on others.

I’ll keep you posted.