Toe Mask-Korean Facial Cloths Part 2

I don’t know if the craze for Korean foot masks has reached the mainland US yet–but I know my family in California all watch Korean soap operas and such and like to eat the Korean food they see on the shows.

The Face Shop in McCully Shopping Center here in Hawaii has all types of cool masks to try and very reasonably priced.

One in particular is the Smile Foot Mask for $5.

Soothing Korean foot mask.

Well my feet get pretty crusty( but I consider it a sign of my hard work) in ballet class, so I figured today when I am doing a mini dry dock after toiling all morning at work, I’d do a foot mask.

The package comes with two little plastic booties which have an interior lining, kind of cotton like, that must have all the secret ingredients to soften and rejuvenate the feet.  I kept the mask on for 25 minutes as I continued to do other stuff like write checks etc.

I have to admit the foot mask did take off some of the dry skin and softened the skin around the nail beds. I give this product a B.

I also gave my face some tlc after playing golf the other day (  I’m rarely in the sun so I had slathered on moisturizer and sunscreen and escaped any tan lines.

I had bought a bunch of face masks – just think for $2 you can refresh your face with moisture, boost with collagen, mung bean, CoQ10, rice for brightening and a lot more.

Today I used the Hyluaronic Acid mask. No it’s not acid—HA is something that naturally occurs in your body. It’s for super moisturizing your skin-great for post stressful days.  I took off the mask and applied a little moisturizer with sunscreen.
My face feels pretty moisturized and my skin looks plumped.  I saw a few laugh lines around my eyes this morning-so this was much needed.