Grand Lash MD-Flitter Flutter

I’m Japanese so by definition I don’t have very long lashes. I’m lucky to have what I do have – kind of short, but fairly thick – I mean I can see them at least.

Quite awhile back I used Revitalash which quickly had my lashes growing – to the point when I did put on mascara, my lashes would hit the insides of my sunglasses.

I stopped and would put the liquid on every so often when I wanted a recharge.

I head some people did not get results from Revitalash-but I think the same observation could be made on other products like Latisse.

I heard about Grand Lash MD from a friend, whom, upon seeing her I immediately exclaimed, “did you get lash extensions?!!”

Turns out she was using Grand Lash MD-so after doing a quick check on the internet I decided to buy a tube.

I’ve been using the product for about a week-it’s easy to use-just brush on like eyeliner and go to bed.

I think that my lashes have already started growing-it takes just a flick of mascara to get my lashes out there.

But I will give it a few weeks and check back.