Hello Old Friend–Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducer aka Power Line

I know I know I know the real name of the product by Kiehl’s that is my go to and now my go back to vitamin C serum.

I skipped a bottle and wandered around a bit trying different samples of serums like Lancome’s Visionnaire, Perricone’s Cold Plasma etc etc.

But I just thought though they were only samples–they were lacking.

Even when I had a 7 day sample of Lancome’s Genefique-I got a better result.


My heart goes back to you Powerful C

On days I think I ‘m a little dull

I know that you’re the one for me

Oh you, Oh C, Oh Kiehls you’re the one

Why pay more for products that do less

For the brown spots caused by my days in the sun.

I call you Power Line-but I really know your name

I’ll always come back to you

Oh Kiehls Oh C – you’re the one


Near Perfect – Body Lotion SPF15

I’m always searching for options – like life, options are a good thing.

I really love my spf30 Keihl’s Creme Lotion but since I hang out on the windward side, my moisturizers are sent into hyper drive and end up being sticky.

So, I was tooling around Whole Foods Kailua the other day to check out what they might have in terms of body lotion with spf and found Alba’s Very Emollient spf15 Body Lotion for normal to dry and sensitive skin.

It’s not as big a number in terms of spf, but 15 will do since I take multiple showers per day anyway.

As we know, it the application of the spf vs the number.  What I am saying is,  the higher the number means you can stay in the sun longer with that coating of spf, but if you shower frequently, a few times a day let’s say, then it’s ok to wear a lower sunscreen if you are not in the sun for a long period of time (more than running errands in and out of the car) and plan to shower and re apply.

I know I know -who has the time?

But really, do you want to look like a crocodile?


I’m in Love with Rosa

It’s really kind of hard to believe that I found a product that is so perfect that I can’t stray.  I have lots of samples from Lancome, Sulwasoo, Orlane et al.

But I come back to Kielhl’s Rosa Artica cream.  Much like the texture and consistency of La Mer, at $60 a jar it is so much more affordable and works so well at moisturizing my face all day and into the night!

I had a few days where I was using a Lancome Renergie’ sample-and though it smells good-it nowhere nearly moisturizes as well as Rosa Artica.

I’ve turned on a few friends to this wonder product and they are firm believers as well.

Happy Moisturizing!


Kiehl’s vs Tretonin 10%

I’m not sure if it was from the Fraxel treatment, but post Fraxel, my face skin has been darker than my neck even though I wear sunscreen religiously on my face and not on my neck. I notice it more when I see a full body shot of me in the mirror–tan face even without make up, and paler neck, shoulder etc. skin.

I’ve been using the Power Line Concentrate from Kiehl’s (I”m on my third bottle) and have seen an overall lightening of my facial skin. I did a short round of Obaji which also helped.  I mention the Kiehl’s product because, my Korean friends who are skin fanatics starting commenting about the lightening after I used my first bottle of Kiehl’s.

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

I am now using the newest Kiehl’s promise to lighten dark spots product, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution .  Just to test it, I put the Kiehl’s product using about a half dropper on my face and gently massaged in.  On my foot, I have a sun spot and I applied tretonin 10%.

Day 1, Jan 20,2012 Kiehls vs Tretonin 10%

Let’s see what happens-I’ve been using the product for about 10 days.