Battle of the Tinted Moisturizers-Bare Minerals v Laura Mercier

I’ve used Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer for a couple of years because some days I just don’t want the coverage of foundation, but I want a little something.

Of late, I’ve been pretty happy with my complexion, so I’ve forgone wearing tinted moisturizer or foundation.

Maybe I’m just getting even lazier?

Nah-I just think as you age, looking flawless doesn’t quite look right on a daily basis-good for special occasions tho.

Flawless foundation coverage is like wearing a push up bra that leaves your boobs 2 inches under your chin.  It just looks odd when you’re 50+, and your boobs look 18+.  Much like the women who have fakies and are 60+ and their chest is rock hard and up by their ears.


I was intrigued when I saw the Bare Minerals TInted Moisturizer in a mag, because the ad copy emphasized that the product was formulated to retain moisture-whereas other tinted moisturizers -the pigment actually dries the skin.

I never thought Laura’s or any other product, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, (too many to mention), did a great job of moisturizing my m-skin.

I went to Nord’s expressly to visit the BM counter (ha ha I bet they didn’t think of that when they named the product), but BM had left the building. So I went 200 yards away to the BM store.

Unfortunately, the 3 ladies at BM were fairly disinterested in helping customers.  There were no other customers in the store-roughly around 1pm on a weekday.  The person who did wait on me, greeted me at first, then wandered off.

In any case, she eventually helped me with a shade and applied it over thier silicon primer with their special kabuki/stipling brush. I explained to her that the powder formual turned gray on me, plus my skin was too dry anyway.

She acted surprised when I said I would buy it-I don’t get it-are there really that many looky-loos? I usually will sample the product, but at $29 bucks a tube, it sounded reasonable.

The real test for me is using it over my regular regimen and seeing if it: 1) worked with my sunscreen and did not pill, and 2) didn’t turn ashy gray during the day and 3) kept me hydrated.

BM’s tinted moisturizer works well with sunscreens formulated to work with makeup like Clarin’s SPF and Estee Lauder’s Day Wear, but terrible over creamier formulations like Mychelle Coconut Cream SPF or Avene’s slighted tinted sunscreen.

As for color-it stayed true and a couple of people remarked my skin looked amazing.  

I think it keeps me as hydrated a little better-but I wouldn’t say it’s exceptionally better.

Still at $29 a tube v Laura’s $42 a tube-it’s not a hard decision. Plus the BM product is actually more buildable and starts with more coverage than Laura. 

I love Laura’s Radiance primer, but I think it’s adios for her tinted moisturizer!


Those Little Samples Are For Sale-Sephora

Have you noticed lately that Sephora is selling the same deluxe samples that used to come with gwps?

I get that everybody needs to make dinero-but part of the fun was to get samples!

I’m not really into getting a sample of product that has had a bunch of germy fingers dipped in because some people don’t obey cosmetic etiquette. You know what I mean.

Those people who dip their fingers into jars, across eye shadow and actually apply lip color from the tube!

Seriously could anything be more gross?

They’ve done studies on how many of the super ick germs find their way into make up displays.

You know I used to be a ready participant in getting a free makeover at the counter-but the more germaphobic I get the less interested I am. I might put on a color on my wrist and wipe off with alcohol at the most nowadays.


Sephora used to go pretty good samples for VIB ladies and they were usable. But don’tcha hate the samples that are just a whisper of product? Like Skinceuticals Eye SPF. I know eye product is applied the size of a pea, but when I get a sample like that, I have to really be jonsing to try it to use the manini sample.

I’ve been buying product from Neostrata and the last few times for skincare. I think Neostrata is really generous with the size and the amount of the samples, but so far nothing to write home about. Lovelyskiin sent me the Skinceuticals sample which is not their fault, but they don’t really have great samples to select from at checkout. does have a cool comparison table that you can see how different products stand against each other. I used it to choose an eye product last month.

So Sephora take a note-I’m giving you the bulk of my beauty dollars in the quest for the 500 point perks (really I paid $500 for those mini’s of Laura Mercier)?, so how’s about show your customers some love with better samples?



The Time Factor-Me Vs The Pro-DIY Gloss Color

Seriously, the last time I colored my hair at home was at the old house which had a giant bathroom and carpet. I completely ruined my t shirt, stained my hands and had smudges all over my face.

My gfs have no problem with the process-they just apply, wait and shampoo out!

Me-not so much.

However lately I was inspired by a youtube vid of a young girl citing pretty much the same reasons why I would do my own hair. It just costs too much to go to the salon now that I am on the 3 week cycle.

At $80 a pop-it’s just too expensive.  Add in my time and the expense and it totals $4500 a year!

So, I watched all I could watch on youtube about using the same gloss product my hair stylist(s) uses, and went in to Hillary J for a tuneup. I had started to do a lighter color treatment, then turned back as my hair started to fall out. (Went to the doc and he tested me, and pretty much came up with no explanation, but knowing that is the only thing different…)

So I got my hair color back into shape and let it grow out a few weeks.

I admit I was nervous because I tend to be a slob when something takes a certain level of meticulousness, and the bf already thinks I’m messy (though I’m not really-he’s just insanely anal about some things).

Nowhere did it say to mix the gloss and processor until it thickened. So I was painting it on in my middle part area while it was still thin.

Feeling like hours later, I watch the clock cuz part of the exercise was would it be worth the time I lose billing hours vs the $80 expense and the 1.5 hours of time for time in the chair and travel?

I finally get the product all into my hair though very messy and difficult to reach in the back.

Processing time I figure is a little shorter since it took 40 minutes to get it in my hair.

I jump in the shower to rinse and it is an explosion of black color all over.

Immediately I think in my paranoid way that it is going to stain and our  housekeeper chooses the most inopportune times to not show up at the very last minute.


The color rinses off and down the drain. I just apply my Kitoko conditioner, and PH Rebalancer and let it air dry.

Turns out I did a pretty good job. Only a few white strands were missed, and my hair felt fine in terms of softness and was shiny.

I think the net-net is I will go in for tune ups, but I think I’ll save my hard earned cash for other things like eye cream.


I’m Somebody’s Mom-How Old Do They Think I Am?

There’s that moment in time when you realize and it is CONFIRMED that you are not the young hot babe you thought you were.

I got my new DVF dress a few days ago and I was hot to wear it with my high heel sandals, high pony and plum lips.

I reach into my gymbag and keep reaching.

I have to walk out in my shower slippers.

And such like that the rest of the day where ever I went.

I went to visit my client, and it’s kind of a end of the day just checkin in kind of visit.

The neighbor business are also on the younger side guys as is my client.

They wave him over and he comes back—

“They want to know if you are my Mom?”

I don’t get mad, but I sputter away thinking it must be the slippers. If I was in heels.


It obviously depends which target audience you are putting yourself in.

If I walk by any group of guys under 35, then hey I’m their Mom and I am invisible.

The more hair, lip, heel,dress I wear the more attention I get from 35-45. Which I think of them as pups so it’s just a nice vote of confidence.

But for guys my age and up.

I could wear a paper sack.

Have my hair in pony scrunchy bun.

Be in shorts and slippers.

Is it because they just appreciate me as I am?

A well-preserved 50+?

I like to think so.


In A World-Trish McEvoy Brushes

I just watched this movie on Netflix about the movie trailer voiceover people who start the trailer with “In a world…”.

In a world where most of the products I have tried from Trish McEvoy produced mediocre results-especially her eye primer and concealer products which were cakey-there is a bright spot.

And it’s a bright spot that I’ve already known for years–say that again YEARS.

When I’ve been at the Trish counter before I ever bought anything more than her gel liner, I’ve remarked to the salesperson, I like the brushes.

I remember when I first bought two ancient Trish brushes, No 10 and

I was in San Francisco on a shopping trip with then friend, and in Saks Fifth Avenue department store. Pretty much then, as is now, I like the store but have never purchased anything more than makeup products and didn’t venture further than the 1st floor.  If I did it was to tag along with then friend.

I don’t know what has changed, but my last visit I spent a good amount of time in the lofty floors above the make up dept.


This happened in the realm of 20+ years ago when I bought these two Trish brushes.  I have kept them cleaned, using gentle cleansers-most of the time the same as I use on my face, and drying them flat.

I put them away in favor of the new flavor of the moment brush so I’ve had them 20+ years but use them when I feel like it.

But now that I use cream shadow-I am using the small flat brush NO. 25  to pat the Chanel Ilusion D’Ombre over Nars Eye Primer.  I use the brush to put on the initial layer of color on my lid and a little on my crease, then use my Laura Mercier,  Finishing Brush to blend in the color in my crease and feather it out.

When I am feeling really casual but need a little color I use the No. 10-which is like a small flat paint brush to sweep on a neutral eye brightening color like Bobbi Brown’s Shell–which is the look-alike color of the Strange base color in Urban Decay’s Nakeds #3 palette.

I wouldn’t say that some things get better with age-but more like some things always stay the same. As my most recent brush purchase from Trish was about the same time I bought the other products, which is a cool eyeliner brush that the demonstration of by the product specialist had me thinking about it.

So I went back later and bought it.

I figure if anything makes me contemplate it that much, I should buy it and relieve myself of the wondering about it time. I use this brush occasionally. I like to use it with cream stick shadows or even with Trish gel eyeliner because they are so soft and this brush has just the right amount of stiffness to draw a nice line while not dragging on the eyelid skin.

I have a bunch of Bobbi Brown brushes which I use faithfully like her brow brush-but I’ve had it in the range of 6 years and it is disintegrating.

So the moral of the story–In a world where competition is fierce for great products, those who win are the ones who stick with their core.






Tre Tre Estee! Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Eye Pencil

If it’s hard is it good?

But too soft isn’t good either.


Duh-where are your minds?!

Liner pencils are the easiest way to line your eyes.

I did gel liners with the cream and the brush for awhile-but got bored and lazy.(As usual).

One day at the gym, a woman I’ve known for many years, sat there with her gel liner, really put on too thick. She’s always been a makeup glutton like myself, but this, like her navy blue liner that she wore with a navy blue striped shirt many years ago, just made her look crazy and deranged.

In a good way I mean-no I’m not being catty!

Of late I like Clarin’s Crayon Kohl Pencil, Trish McEvoy’s Gel Liner and now Estee.

I actually really like the Clarin’s pencil-it is smooth, and I like the navy blue. It goes on soft and does not  drag on the eye-a key criterion.

Trish’s pencil-is actually gel liner in a stick. You can take a liner brush and scrape off a bit of product and make a line with the brush, or use the pencil. In the Trish vids, she says to only use this product between your lashes, not as a liner, technically speaking of course.

Trish sticks are aubergine and black only. I got bored with it already. But before I forget, here’s a dis on the pencil. When the color runs down a bit, the wood is very rough and the edges are like the tip of a broken school no 2 pencil. Ouch! Again, I think this is the case of a good product in a cheap case, like her lip liner. The lip liner case problem is the top split in two after a couple of uses – so it’s capless in Honolulu.

So the reason I bought the liner from Estee is-faced with wanting the GWP and not really buying much of their products, I just bought something I needed.  I bought two to make the spend, and really

I am quite happy with the product.

I pretty much just line between the lashes, and a thick Audrey Hep line on the top into a cat eye. Post-ballet, it’s all in place-I guess that’s what they mean by Double-Wear.

But the gift itself was meh. I like her lipsticks because they smell like cherry-roses, but the colors were pretty pedestrian-I know they have to be a crowd pleaser for a GWP. The shadows are on their way to the trash. The mascara is pretty good tho.


As for the navy blue-I dunno, maybe I look like a crazy cat eyed lady too!


Experimenting with Retin A

I tried Retin A like 20 years ago, and I couldn’t handle the flaking of my skin.

It was just horrible. People would come up to me and ask if I was using Retin A, or did I get a sunburn and was I peeling?

I was looking for something in the search of dealing with my crepey-fying eyelids and the vertical lines that have appeared in the last few months.

So, I have been reading up on Retin A and using it sparingly on the lids, because lids are skin right?

So, like always, more is more right?

I dabbed on the Retin A pretty liberally for 2 months. And I never really did flake much, but I noticed that the crepeness and fine vertical lines got worse.

So, I’ve been creaming up my eyes with Shiseido Benefiance, which has pretty much reversed most of the affects of the Retin A.

I think I’ll continue to use it on my face skin.

Or as usual, where products go to die.

On my feet.


PS the shiseido product is the only thing i have liked. But I might try the sunscreen.

Avoiding the Clumpity Clump Lashes-Maybelline Lash Discovery

One thing I have to say about the set of Trish McEvoy kit I recently got at Nords, was, I liked the mascara.

It had a tiny skinny brush that, after using the sample for a couple of weeks, did not make my lashes a a clumped up mess that needed some detangling with a lash comb.

I’m just not that high maintenance.

Uh-well I just like make up and skincare.

But, strike that, I am lazy to take that extra step.

So, after using up the sample, I was in search of the same sort of skinny brush.

Looked all around in the normal brands I like, Laura Mercier, Bobbi etc. – but did not find it. I’ve tried cult-fave Definicils, but I didn’t care for it either.

So, resolved to end my search, I took to the drugstore brands. After all if all of the ads were true, if I were able to get lashes that are sky high, or stiletto long, then might I be able to find a skinny brush?

I found it in Maybelline’s Lash Discovery. Their website is hideous-all black, hurts my eyes.

Nto really made because of the skinny brush-but mad to be a skinny brush to get to the crevices that are difficult to reach with those giganto big lash brushes.

It’s quite tiny in fact.

I like it, it works, but washing it off leaves much to be desired.

Again, in the land of the lazy, if it doesn’t come off with my beloved Cerave’ Gentle Cleanser, I’m off in search again.


Music to My Face-Armani Maestro Firming Foundation

Well, I’m not sure that the firming action is working because I only use a small drop of foundation, and the claim is probably true for people who look like they are wearing makeup.

Me, on the other hand, I use this pigment dense foundation when I want to look more presentable then when I am just using Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.

The foundation comes in a medicine dropper and is very light and doesn’t feel oily or heavy at all.

It almost floats on my face. It dries somewhere between matte and dewey-but definitely not shiny. I like to pat it on with my fingertips, then take a foundation brush to blend the edges in.

It wears all day and pretty much into the night. If I want to look a little dressier, then I apply a few more drops around my nose and lips where, if I had applied in the morning has had some wear and tear during the day and needs re-application.

I does have SPF15-but you know, from my point of view that isn’t enough, so it does wear well over my current Clarins SPF40 sunscreen.

It’s a little pricey-but I think it’s worth it because I don’t like the fragrance used in drugstore brands, and the formulation is a lot finer.

Kind of like the difference between drinking Yellow Tail and Rombauer.

Nothing compares.


Crush Me with Color – Stila Crush Lip and Cheek Stain

Watching Lisa Eldridge’s makeup videos have set me off on a jaunt to try some of the products she uses.

On the to do list still are Chanel D-Ombre eye shadow in #82 and Infallible Eye Color in White.  She used both of these on asian models so more so I am interested.

The overall category of search was for liquid blush. The By Terry blush is online only and a little pricey, and Sephora does not carry the MakeUp Forever liquid either.  

In Sephora, I was walking around and was checking out Josie Maran’s cream blush, which is really a gel with a more solid texture.  When you sample it-it is thicker than a gel, but thinner than a cream. The color goes on very sheer. 

The other option that the makeup artist/salesperson suggested was Stila’s Crush Lip and Cheek Stains.

In exactly the same packaging as their lip glosses, you twist up the product which comes out on a stiff brush. You can put the brush directly on your skin/lips, or apply with fingers. 

But it is a stain so probably not.

I use the brush and then a foundation brush to blend it in quickly.

Lisa Eldridge suggests liquid blush as they go on sheer–put them on just after your foundation is drying but not tried.

I mentioned them to my hair stylist and she said, she had purchased one of Stila’s glosses and they got stink.

So, I went back and smelled it. It smells like the name so far – Passion Fruit. Sort of sour sweet fruity?

So we’ll see.

I think I’ll go back and try the Josie Maran product tho.