The Fight Against Walmart Hair – Kitoko Nutri-Restore Line

I recently switched from PM Shine Gloss which was introduced to me by Hillary J of Winam Studio, to full fledged color.

It was a scary transition because my hair was a mess until I started using gloss.

And gloss plus good hair products kept my hair in great condition for a long time.

But product junky that I am…

Plus, the gloss wasn’t covering my grays as well – and since my grays are in the middle and side parts where everybody notices grow out–I needed a new option.

So far, the color totally works-and I am going a little lighter with the color but gradually.  The color is not applied to my whole head, just my roots plus 4 inches or so down the hair shaft.

I was speaking to a nice lady at BOSS supply, and we talked about how long having dark hair on an aging face and body, made sense and didn’t look odd.

That was a good point – because my gloss shade was pretty much my natural color-but as I approach double-nickels, I thought I’d lighten it up.

This was tried before with highlights and lighter gloss, but from my point of view I ended up looking like a calico with the grow out-black, red and white-calico right?


My fear of getting the horrible dried out frizzy looking hair you see in Walmart horror photos is being addressed with a new cocktail of Kitoko Nutri-Restore products.

I did not realize when I picked up the Cleanser and Balm from BOSS that the shampoo was sudless.  Kind of like those Wen products I guess.

I was expecting a huge lather-but it never appeared.  In fact, I added another squeeze of cleanser and still nothing.  Yet, I felt like my hair was being cleaned.

The balm was much thinner and pretty normal.

I figured I used the PH-Restore product first after towel-drying, followed by Neuma Tangle-Free with UV protection.

Add a dollop of my beloved Orange-Creamsicle-smelling Neuma Styling Cream-and ready for the blow dry plus Neusmooth Illuminating Mist.

I know it’s a lot – but three color treatments later-my hair is in spectaular shape.

I’m sorry I have to say – it’s as great as when I was in 7th grade and had hair down to my jeans pockets-shiny, smooth and no frizzies.

How I do miss those days when I just used Wella Balsam or Fabrege Organics or other $2 shampoo Mom bought me and out the door.